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"Liquor">>NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2021.12.5,6,11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.551">>iU CHANNEL(2021.12.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.550">>iU CHANNEL(2021.12.2)
"Short Short Lesson vol.549">>iU CHANNEL(2021.12.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.548">>iU CHANNEL(2021.1130)
"Short Short Lesson vol.54">>7iU CHANNEL(2021.11.29)
"SDGs Series vol.5-Sustainable Community">>NHK Cool Japan,Talk(2021.11.21,29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.546">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.545">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.544">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.543">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.23)
"About Bureaucrats">>Japan Economic Newspaper, Comments(2021.11.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.542">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.22)
"Future of Education">>iU, Dialogue (2021.11.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.541">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.540">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.539">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.17)
"Gakucho-kun is Gachon">>vol.1, Manga(2021.11.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.538">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.537">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.536">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.12)
"Use of Post Office Data and Way to Protect Privacy WG">>MIC,WG-Vol.1,Yuwaku-sshinpo, Comments (2021.11.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.535">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.534">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.533">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.532">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.8)
"ICT×Local Innovation Koshien from Kyotango-city">>Kyotango-city,Judges(2021.11.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.531">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.5)
"Short Short Lesson vol.530">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.4)
"Short Short Lesson vol.529">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.528">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.2)
"Short Short Lesson vol.527">>iU CHANNEL(2021.11.1)
"Let’s go iU!">>iU's School Song, song by Shonen Knife(2019/11/01)
"Short Short Lesson vol.526">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.525">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.524">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.523">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.522">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.25)
"Motorcycles">>NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2021.4.18,19,10.25)
"President Band">>iU-Fes, Play(2021.10.24)
"Creating "Super Free Society" with DX">>NTT Communications Digital Forum 2021, Keynote and Panelist(2021.10.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.521">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.22)
"Short Short Lesson vol.520">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.519">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.20)
"iU President Gachon with Mr.Nobuyuki Hoshino">>Dialogue(2021/10/20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.518">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.517">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.18)
"KIFF2021 Ceremony">>KIFF2021, Talk(2021.10.17)
"8 1/2">>MEMORIES of FILM,KIFF Theme Song Special Movie, Talk(2021.10.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.516">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.15)
"COLVID19 will change the future of universities">>Almost \0University,Interview(2021.10.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.515">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.514">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.13)
"iU President Gachon with Mr.Taichiro Nomura">>Dialogue(2021/10/13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.513">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.512">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.11)
"Ending Special Talk">>DIGITAL DAYS SUMMIT, Panelist(2021.10.10)
"Super Human Sports Session">>DIGITAL DAYS SUMMIT, Moderator(2021.10.10)
"Kyotango-City Digital Promotion Headquarters Meeting vol.2">>Kyotango-City, Kyoto, Talk (2021.10.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.511">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.510">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.509">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.508">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.5)
"Short Short Lesson vol.507">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.4)
"KIMONO by Ichiya Nakamura">>Japan-Economic Newspaper,The Style/Fashion,Interview(2021.10.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.506">>iU CHANNEL(2021.10.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.505">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.504">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.29)
"You and I by Ms.KOYO">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.503">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.27)
"Rice">>NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2021.9.19,27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.502">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.24)
"Human Resource Development in Professional University">>Yomiuri-Newspaper, Comments(2021.9.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.501">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.500">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.22)
"iU President Gachon with Mrs.Koyo">>Dialogue(2021/09/22)
"Short Short Lesson vol.499">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.498">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.20)
"iU, pitch contest vol.2">>iU, Judges(2021.9.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.497">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.17)
"Japan DX's Future">>The Owner, Dialogue(2021.9.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.496">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.495">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.494">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.493">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.492">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.10)
"Digital Shift of Economic and Social Transformation">>Premium Incentive show 2021, Keynote(2021.9.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.491">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.490">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.489">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.488">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.6)
"iU, All Interns and All startups">>"SHIJUKUKAI",Sep.2021,No.485,p.18-p.21, Interview
"Short Short Lesson vol.487">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.486">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.2)
"Short Short Lesson vol.485">>iU CHANNEL(2021.9.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.484">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.31)
"Short Short Lesson vol.483">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.30)
"iU">>iU Open Campus, Talk(2021.8.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.482">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.481">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.481">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.480">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.479">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.478">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.20)
"You and I by GANBARERUYA">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.477">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.476">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.475">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.474">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.473">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.472">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.471">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.470">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.469">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.468">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.5)
"Short Short Lesson vol.467">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.4)
"iU President Gachon with Mrs.Chomado">>Dialogue(2021/08/04)
"Producer Development Project">>CiP, talk(2021.8.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.466">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.465">>iU CHANNEL(2021.8.2)
"Challenge of Developing Digital Human Resources">>DX Japan Forum review, Nikkei Biz digital edition(2021.7.30)
"Japan as A PoP?">>Fole No.227, Aug.2021, Mizuho-R&Tech,Interview(2021.7.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.464">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.463">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.29)
"You and I by HYOKKORIHAN">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.28)
"New Business by Copyright Free ?">>NEWSPICKS THE UPDATE,talk(2021.7.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.462">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.461">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.26)
"President × Students iU Campus Tour">>iU Open Campus, Talk(2021.7.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.460">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.459">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.22)
"Short Short Lesson vol.458">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.21)
"Manga Collection for Adults">>PRESIDENT August 13th 2021, Interview(2021.7.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.457">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.456">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.19)
"President × Students Talk Show">>iU Open Campus, Talk(2021.7.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.455">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.454">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.453">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.14)
"Legacy of No Audience in TOKYO Olympics and Paralympics">>KYOTO-newspaper, Interview(2021.7.14)
"This is iU too!?ver.Gakucho-kun">> iU CHANNEL, Talk(2020/07/14)
"This is iU too! ?July 2020">> iU CHANNEL , Talk(2020/07/14)
"Autonomous Bus Operation in Bay Area">>SALON CiP, CiP, Panelist(2021.7.13)
"You and I">>iU's 2nd School Song, song by Mr.Ichiya Nakamura(2020/07/13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.452">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.451">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.12)
"How to Develop Digital Human Resources?">>Nikkei × TECH, report(2021.7.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.450">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.449">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.448">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.447">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.446">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.5)
iU B Lab Press Conference(2021.7.3)
"Talk">>Change Tomorrow , CiP=Ota-ku Signing Ceremony, Talk(2021.7.3)
"Talk">>Change Tomorrow ,Digital Singnage Award 2021, Talk(2021.7.3)
"Talk">>Change Tomorrow , Opening Ceremony, Talk(2021.7.3)
"Presentation of Future ">>Previous Day Festival of Change Tomorrow ,moderator(2021.7.2)
"Future of Urban Festivals">>Previous Day Festival of Change Tomorrow ,moderator(2021.7.2)
"Opening Ceremony">>OTAKU SUMMIT 2020, Keynote(2021.6.26)
"You and I by Joyman">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.2)
"Short Short Lesson vol.445">>iU CHANNEL(2021.7.1)
"Job placement ratel 0% is Goal !?">>MegaPlus, Interview(2021.6.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.444">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.30)
"I am iU President">> iU CHANNEL , Talk(2020/06/30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.443">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.442">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.28)
"Past, Present, and Future of OTAKU">>OTAKU SUMMIT 2020,moderator(2021.6.26)
"Opening Ceremony">>OTAKU SUMMIT 2020, Keynote(2021.6.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.441">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.25)
"#3 Future of Japanese Kimono">>DO-MEN channel, Ichiya Nakamura×Mr.Yoshio Domen, Dialogue(2021.6.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.440">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.24)
"Internet and Digital">>Internet and Digital Business Research Project symposium in Commercial Broadcasters , Keynote(2021.6.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.439">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.438">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.22)
"Short Short Lesson vol.437">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.21)
"Why World-class Companies don't appear in Japan?">>The Central Daily News(Korean), Interview(2021.6.21)
"Global Competitors Startups should come out like Korea">>he Central Daily News(Japanese), Interview(2021.6.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.436">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.18)
"#2 Modern Japanese kimono industry and the future">>DO-MEN channel,Ichiya Nakamura×Mr.Yoshio Domen, Dialogue(2021.6.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.435">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.434">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.433">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.432">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.14)
"Housing">>NHK COOL JAPAN, talk(2021.6.13,6.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.431">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.11)
"#1 Modern Kimono">>DO-MEN channel, Ichiya Nakamura×Mr.Yoshio Domen,Dialogue(2021.6.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.430">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.10)
""Manga-mura" Pirated edition Judgment">>Asahi newspaper,Comments(2021.6.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.429">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.428">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.427">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.7)
"This is also iU">>Kyotango-city DX meeting kick off, talk(2021.6.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.426">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.4)
""Manga-mura" Pirated edition Judgment">>Yomiuri newspaper,Comments(2021.6.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.425">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.3)
""No-Cut" President surprise, Guest:YOYOKA-san">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.2)
"You and I by YOYOKA">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.2)
"iU President Gachon with Mrs.YOYOKA">>Dialogue(2021/06/02)
"Short Short Lesson vol.424">>iU CHANNEL(2021.6.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.423">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.31)
"CiP">>CiP, Talk(2021.5.31)
"How will we spend our time in the age of AI & Robots? with Mr.Atsushi Tamura">>CiP, Dialogue(2021.5.31)
"ICT Society and ICT Education">>ASBS,Talk(2021.5.29)
"Digital Human Resource Development">>"Digital Japan Forum, Panelist(2021.5.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.422">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.28)
"Challenge of Digital Human Resources">>"Digital Japan Forum",Nikkei-Channel(2021.5.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.421">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.420">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.419">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.418">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.24)
"You and I by Mr.Taro Yabe, KARATEKA">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.417">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.416">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.415">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.414">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.413">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.412">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.411">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.410">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.409">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.10)
"You and I by Mr.Jimmy Onishi">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.408">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.6)
"This is iU too! Short version">> iU CHANNEL , Talk(2021/05/06)
"This is iU too! ">> iU CHANNEL, Talk(2021/05/06)
"This is iU">>iU CHANNEL , Talk(2021/05/06)
"Short Short Lesson vol.407">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.5)
"Here comes iU">>iU CHANNEL , Talk(2021/05/05)
"Short Short Lesson vol.406">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.4)
"Short Short Lesson vol.405">>iU CHANNEL(2021.5.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.404">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.403">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.402">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.28)
"Launch of a Major Incubation Plan in Aichi Prefecture">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.4.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.401">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.400">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.26)
"Human Resources of Next Generation Education">>Education Summit 2021,Dialogue(2021.4.21)
"iU">>iU Open Campus, Live(2021.4.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.395">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.22)
"Launch of the Esports Activation Review Conference">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.4.22)
"You and I by Mr.Chary Hama">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.398">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.21)
"Open Radio Revolution">>Radio Wave Symposium,Panelist(2021.4.20)
"World's First IoT Broadcast">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.4.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.397">>i3U CHANNEL(2021.4.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.396">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.20)
"Motorcycles">>NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2021.4.18,19)
"Possibility of XR">>Contents Tokyo 2021, Moderator(2021.4.16)
"You and I by Waraimeshi">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.395">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.15)
"Opening of iU and 10 Challenges">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.4.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.394">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.393">>i3U CHANNEL(2021.4.13)
"My Desire to Change the Gloomy Atmosphere">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.4.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.392">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.391">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.390">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.8)
"Super-Filtering as an Online Safety Measure for the Youth!?">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.4.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.389">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.388">>i3U CHANNEL(2021.4.6)
"Takeoff of the Artist Commons for Numbering Artist IDs!">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.4.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.387">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.5)
"You and I by Yurian Retriever">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.2)
"iU 2021 University entrance ceremony">>iU, Talk(2021.4.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.386">>iU CHANNEL(2021.4.1)
"Stepping Down as Chairperson of the Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters Committee - Part 2">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.4.1)
"This is iU! ?April 2020">>iU CHANNEL, Talk(2020/04/01)
"Short Short Lesson vol.385">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.31)
"Short Short Lesson vol.384">>i3U CHANNEL(2021.3.30)
"Stepping Down as Chairperson of the Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters Committee - Part 1">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.3.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.383">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.29)
"iU">>School Management Academy,March 2021, Interview(2021.3.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.382">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.381">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.25)
"National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan Online Digital Strategy 2019">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.3.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.380">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.379">>i3U CHANNEL(2021.3.23)
"Plans, Execution, and the Other Side">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.3.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.378">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.22)
"Laugh & Peace Mother">>Laugh & Peace Mother Yoshimoto Kogyo, Press conference, Talk(2021.3.20)
"You and I by Metal Bat">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.377">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.18)
"Sharing Economy Report Summary">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.3.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.376">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.375">>i3U CHANNEL(2021.3.16)
"I Learned About Cutting-Edge AI and IoT at Super University">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.3.16)
"Domestic Products">>NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2021.3.14,16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.374">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.373">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.372">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.11)
"The Intellectual Property Plan Somehow Came Together">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.3.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.371">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.370">>i3U CHANNEL(2021.3.9)
"Discussion in the House of Representatives Regarding Deliberation on the Broadcast Act - Part 2">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.3.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.369">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.8)
"After COLVID19! New Normal">>High Schools-Universities Forum vol.2,The Consortium of Universities in Osaka,Keynote and Panelist(2021.3.5)
"Short Short Lesson vol.368">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.5)
"Short Short Lesson vol.367">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.4)
"Discussion in the House of Representatives Regarding Deliberation on the Broadcast Act - Part 1">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.3.4)
"Change the World with New Challenges">>Denshi-Gakuen, Special Interview(2021.3.3)
"Talk & TapeCut">>Denshi-Gakuen, 70th Anniversary(2021.3.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.366">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.365">>i3U CHANNEL(2021.3.2)
"Revisions Enacted to the Broadcast Act with Approval of Simultaneous Transmission by NHK - Part 3">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.3.2)
"Short Short Lesson vol.364">>iU CHANNEL(2021.3.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.363">>iU CHANNEL(2021.2.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.362">>iU CHANNEL(2021.2.25)
"Revisions Enacted to the Broadcast Act with Approval of Simultaneous Transmission by NHK - Part 2">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.2.25)
""This is also Edutainment Manga!">>Interview(2021.2.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.361">>iU CHANNEL(2021.2.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.360">>i3U CHANNEL(2021.2.23)
"Revisions Enacted to the Broadcast Act with Approval of Simultaneous Transmission by NHK - Part 1">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.2.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.359">>iU CHANNEL(2021.2.22)
"MaaS in Tokyo Bay Area">>SALON CiP,CiP, Panelist(2021.2.19)
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"Content Promotion Measures with the Liberal Democratic Party - Part 2">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.2.18)
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"Content Promotion Measures with the Liberal Democratic Party - Part 1">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.2.16)
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"Otaku Culture-">>NHK COOL JAPAN, Talk(2020.5.17,5.24,6.3,2021.2.11)
"Establishment of the Act to Promote the Computerization of Education">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.2.11)
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"Report from the Riken Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP) - Part 2">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.2.9)
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"Report from the Riken Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP) - Part1">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.2.4)
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"The Learning of Tomorrow Business by Yoshimoto and NTT Supported by CANVAS">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.2.2)
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"Discussions Regarding Comprehensive Antipiracy Measures Enter the Final Stage">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2021.1.28)
"Create sports environment with digital technology">>UPGRADE with TOKYO vol.10,Judge(2020.1.27)
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"New Year's Greeting">>Sumida-ku Official Channel #44, Talk(2021.1.1)
2020 TOP▲
"iU vs. Minerva University">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.12.31)
"Short Short Lesson vol.322">>iU CHANNEL(2020.12.31)
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""The Internet and Freedom"Q&A">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.12.24)
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"What Is "Digital Capitalism?"- Part2">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.12.22)
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"15 Years for the Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.12.15)
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"Short Short Lesson vol.310">>iU CHANNEL(2020.12.14)
"After COLVID19!New Normal?">>SC Abeam Automotive Consulting,Hot Blood Car Dojo vol.52,"COLVID19 Shock,Innovation", Keynote,Panelist(2020.12.14)
"with COLVID19 of University Education">>CIRIEC The 35th Research Conference, Panelist(2020.12.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.309">>iU CHANNEL(2020.12.11)
"Will Esports Become Serious?">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.12.10)
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"Launch of the World Otaku Institute!">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.12.8)
"Take Out">>NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2020.10.25,12.8)
"Create Startups">>CiP, Station Ai Start Symposium Vol.4,Moderator(2020.12.8)
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"Short Short Lesson vol.304">>iU CHANNEL(2020.12.4)
"Don't Touch Eizo-ken">>"This is also Edutainment Manga!",THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments(2020.12.3)
"Hakozume">>"This is also Edutainment Manga!",THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments(2020.12.3)
"Dance,Dance,Dance">>"This is also Edutainment Manga!",THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments(2020.12.3)
"Blue Period">>"This is also Edutainment Manga!",THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments(2020.12.3)
"To the galaxy's deathless children">>"This is also Edutainment Manga!",THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments(2020.12.3)
" I hope to trace out a national strategy for AI in education">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.12.3)
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"Blockchain and Education should start cross-pollinating">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.12.1)
"After COLVID19? New Normal!">>The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Keynote(2020.12.1)
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"The overseas content market has doubled in 10 years">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.11.26)
"CiP">>TOKYO Smart-City Forum, Keynote(2020.11.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.298">>iU CHANNEL(2020.11.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.297">>iU CHANNEL(2020.11.25)
"The risks of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.11.24)
"e-Sports from Takeshiba, Industry Clustering with Tokyo Olympics">>Japan Economic Newspaper,Interview(2020.11.24)
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"Yoshimoto Kogyo announces its vision for an Asian Entertainment Platform">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.11.10)
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"Come on! KIMONO Men">>NHK "Beauty Pot",talk(2018.12.14,21,2019.1.13,2020.1.17,1.25,11.5)
"Yunus Yoshimoto Social Action gets underway">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.11.5)
"You & I by TENJIKUNEZUMI">>iU CHANNEL(2020.11.5)
"Soft Power,Cool Japan,Contents Policy">>LDP, keynote(2020.11.5)
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"A strategic vision and plan for intellectual property">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.11.3)
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"London Boots No.1 and No.2, Mr.Atsushi Interview">>iU Fest.2020,Talk(2020.10.25)
"Recurrent education is entertainment">>Asahi-newspaper,Re-Life.net,Interview(2020.10.23)
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"KIFF2020,guide #3">>KIFF2020,Reporter(2020.10.18)
"KIFF2020 Special,talk show">>KIFF2020, Moderator(2020.10.18)
"KIFF2020 Ceremony">>KIFF2020, Talk(2020.10.17)
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"Professional University change the future">>Professional University Consortium Symposium, Panelist
"Thinking about education in the age of AI">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.10.13)
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"After COVID19? New Normal!">>The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Keynote(2020.10.12)
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"Telecommunications and broadcasting convergence 2.0: Issues and future trajectory">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.10.1)
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"The current state of convergence of telecommunications and broadcasting">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.9.29)
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"Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ Committee for the Future of Broadcasting Services ">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.9.17)
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"Our response to next-generation IT is coming into view">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.9.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.249">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.248">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.14)
"TAKESHIBA Opening Ceremony">>CiP,Moderator(2020.9.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.247">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.11)
"Copyright Act amendments suitable for the network age have materialized">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.9.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.246">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.245">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.9)
"Unrealistic Excitement with Science">>ASAHI Newspaper,Interview(2020.9.9)
"The preparation of a foundation for data trading is moving forward">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.9.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.244">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.243">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.7)
"With COLVID19, Post COLVID19, Mobilities">>City & Tech Online Symposium,Panelist(2020.9.7)
"Startup Stage 2020">>TOKYO Founding Station, Keynote and Moderator(2020.9.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.242">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.4)
"The"Super-Education Association"founding prospectus">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.9.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.241">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.240">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.2)
"Tokyo Joshi Gakuen and iU">>iU, Talk(2020.9.2)
"The“Super-Education Association”has been founded ">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.9.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.239">>iU CHANNEL(2020.9.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.238">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.31)
"DIGITAL RISK FORUM 2020-With COLVID19,Social Change and Corporate New Risks">>DIGITAL RISK FORUM 2020,Moderator(2020.8.31)
"With COLVID19,Post COLVID19, about Medical">>City & Tech Online Symposium,Panelist(2020.8.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.237">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.28)
"The unified e-sports organization JeSU has been launched">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.8.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.236">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.235">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.26)
"The content meeting at the intellectual-property headquarters has started">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.8.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.234">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.233">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.232">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.21)
"A new round has started in the intellectual-property headquarters">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.8.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.231">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.230">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.19)
"Recommendations for an ultra-free society 7: Can the bureau directorbe AI?">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.8.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.229">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.228">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.227">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.14)
"Recommendations for an ultra-free society 6: Recommendations for anultra-free society 5: Quickly do the work for me ">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.8.13)
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"Short Short Lesson vol.225">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.12)
"Technology Saves Parents and Children">>NikkeiXTREND,Dialogue(2020.8.13)
"Recommendations for an ultra-free society 5: Quickly do the work for me">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.8.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.224">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.223">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.10)
"Smile">>NHK COOL JAPAN,Talk(2020.8.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.222">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.7)
"Super Human Sports-Open Meeting vol.2,Beyond Sports">>Super Human Sports Association, Panelist
"Recommendations for an ultra-free society 4: How many pairs of straw sandals are you wearing? ">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.8.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.221">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.220">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.5)
"Aging population of post CORVID19,key of resolution is Technology">>Nikkei Trendy, Sep.2020,Dialogue(2020.8.4)
"Recommendations for an ultra-free society 3: A mosaic-style way to work ">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.8.4)
"Short Short Lesson vol.219">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.4)
"Short Short Lesson vol.218">>iU CHANNEL(2020.8.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.217">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.31)
"Recommendations for an ultra-free society 2: letting the grasshopper manage the AI ants">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.7.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.216">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.30)
"Kyotango-city and iU, Partnership Agreement Ceremony">>talk,Kyotango-city(2020.7.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.215">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.29)
"Recommendations for an ultra-free society: an unstable life">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.7.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.214">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.213">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.212">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.24)
"The sharing izakaya economy">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.7.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.211">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.210">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.22)
"The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Asia’s Soft Power, 2">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.7.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.209">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.208">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.20)
"iU">>"Face", Monthly Finance Journal 2020.8, interview(2020.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.207">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.17)
"The fourth Industrial Revolution and Asia’s soft power, 1">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.7.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.206">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.205">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.15)
"The expansion of anime overseas has started to make progress.">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.7.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.204">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.203">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.202">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.10)
"The measures now for an Internet with safety and peace of mind">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.7.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.201">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.200">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.8)
"The conference on location shooting has started.">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.7.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.199">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.198">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.6)
"iU">>Recruit,"College Management", interview(2020.7-8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.197">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.3)
"You and I by Mr.Yuichi Kimura">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.2)
"“Ending” the anti-piracy conference -2">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.7.2)
"Short Short Lesson vol.196">>iU CHANNEL(2020.7.1)
"“Ending” the anti-piracy conference -1">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.7.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.195">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.194">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.29)
"Restaurants and eating/drinking, With COVID-19">>City&Tech Online Symposium(2020.6.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.193">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.26)
"The anti-piracy measures progress towards the creation of a comprehensive package">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.6.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.192">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.25)
"Super Human Sports-Open Meeting vol.1,Super Human Sports in 2020">>Super Human Sports Assosiation, Panelist(2020.6.25)
"Smart City with COVID-19">>The Retch week 2020,Tlak and Panelist(2020.6.24)
"The discussion regarding anti-piracy measures reaches the core">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.6.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.191">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.190">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.22)
"About Entertainment, With COIVD-19">>City&Tech Online Symposium(2020.6.22)
"iU President Mr.Ichiya Nakaura,vol2">>Love you KYOTO,KYOTO Radio,talk(2020.6.21)
"iU,Let's make Future School">>iU,Will of Innovation, lecture(2020.6.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.189">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.188">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.18)
"Measures against piracy sites - measures other than blocking?">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.6.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.187">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.186">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.16)
"The start of the conference on anti-piracy measures">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.6.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.185">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.15)
"How to work, With COIVD-19">>City&Tech Online Symposium(2020.6.15)
"iU President Mr.Ichiya Nakaura, vol.1">>Love you KYOTO,KYOTO Radio,talk(2020.6.14)
"eSports speed-up with Realconvergence">>Mainichi-newspaper,"RONTEN"(2020.6.10)
"Let's talk with iU President">>iU Admission, talk(2020.6.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.184">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.183">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.11)
"Why am I creating iU?">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.6.11)
"Fruits">>NHK COOL JAPAN, talk(2020.1.12,3.1,4.23,6.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.182">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.181">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.9)
"The iU Manifesto ">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.6.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.180">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.8)
"City With COIVD-19">>City&Tech Online Symposium(2020.6.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.179">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.5)
"Short Short Lesson vol.178">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.4)
"The characteristics of iU, the ICT university">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.6.4)
"Otaku Culture">>NHK COOL JAPAN, talk(2020.5.17,5.24,6.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.177">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.176">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.2)
"I have started iU, an ICT university">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.6.2)
"Short Short Lesson vol.175">>iU CHANNEL(2020.6.1)
"iU-Let's make Sports">>iU Will of Innovation,lecture(2020.5.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.174">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.173">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.172">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.171">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.170">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.25)
"Otaku Culture">>NHK COOL JAPAN talk(2020.5.17,5.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.169">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.22)
"COVID-19 changes Education">>"Fight corona with data",DTA, moderator(2020.5.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.168">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.167">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.166">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.165">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.164">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.163">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.162">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.161">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.12)
"Corona-virus?">>iU Lecture, with Mr.Hiroshi Osaki,CEO Yoshimoto-kogyo(2020.5.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.160">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.11)
"Snow">>NHK COOL JAPAN talk(2020.3.1,29,5.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.159">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.8)
"Why was iU created as a “co-creation platform”?">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.5.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.158">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.157">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.6)
"Punk University Ondo">>iU (2020.5.5)
"You and I by Kiri">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.5)
"Short Short Lesson vol.156">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.4)
"Why did I make iU?">>Bluebacks, Kodansya, dialouge(2020.5.4)
"The future of urban festivals">>078KOBE,keynote and panelist(2020.5.2)
"Short Short Lesson vol.155">>iU CHANNEL(2020.5.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.154">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.153">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.152">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.28)
"Corona-virus?">>iU Lecture, with Mr.Nobuhiko Otani(DAINOJI)(2020.4.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.151">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.150">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.24)
"fruits">>NHK COOL JAPAN, talk(2020.1.12,3.1,4.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.149">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.148">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.22)
"Short Short Lesson vol.147">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.21)
"109 years anniversary, Yoshimoto-Kogyo">>iU Lecture(2020.4.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.146">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.145">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.144">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.143">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.142">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.141">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.13)
"Let's make a special zone!">>iU Will of Innovation,Let's Create vol.1,lecture(2020.4.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.140">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.139">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.138">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.137">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.136">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.6)
"Why iU">>eiicon lab, interview(2020.4.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.135">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.134">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.2)
"Why is Yoshimoto's CEO Mr.Osaki, first class for iU?">>iU Will of Innovation,talk(2020.4.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.133">>iU CHANNEL(2020.4.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.132">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.31)
"Short Short Lesson vol.131">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.30)
"Snow">>NHK COOL JAPAN, talk(2020.3.1,29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.130">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.27)
"Collaborate with companies to secure human resources">>Japan Economic Newspaper(evning),interview(2020.3.26)
"OOH,How Society Change?">>Harvard Business Review, dialogue(2020.3.26)
"School Events">>NHK COOL JAPAN,talk(2019.11.10,2020.3.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.129">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.26)
"NHK Revolution">>Sankei Newspaper,interview(2020.3.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.128">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.25)
"You and I by Mr.Chad Marane">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.127">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.126">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.125">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.124">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.18)
"eSports and IT literacy">>Tokushima Newspaper,interview(2020.3.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.123">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.122">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.121">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.13)
"You and I by Mr.Toshio Tsuchiya">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.120">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.11)
「Super☆Baseball!」>> BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.3.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.119">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.118">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.9)
"National Kuni-umi Manga World Cup Ceremony">>Jury chair,talk(2020.3.8)
"Buddhist Cuisine">>MS Squre No.47 Mar - Apr. 2020(2020.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.117">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.116">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.5)
"Short Short Lesson vol.115">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.4)
"The development of IT infrastructure for 2020 is advancing.">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.3.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.114">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.113">>iU CHANNEL(2020.3.2)
"Snow">>NHK COOL JAPAN, talk(2020.3.1)
"fruits">>NHK COOL JAPAN, talk(2020.1.12,3.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.112">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.111">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.110">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.26)
"Make an educational version of JASRAC">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.2.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.109">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.108">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.107">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.106">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.20)
"Greetings">>Digital Risk Association, Seminar(2020.2.19)
"The sharing economy now">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.2.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.105">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.104">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.17)
"Workshop Collection @iU">>Workshop Collection Press conference, talk(2020.2.13)
"Workshop Collection in iU">>Workshop Collection Press conference, talk(2020.2.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.103">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.102">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.101">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.12)
"eSports organizations will be integrated and newly established!">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.2.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.100">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.99">>iU CHANNEL(2020.2.10)
"Why Programing?">>Sumida Scratch Programing Works Contest 2019,Executive Committee Chairman,keynote (2020.2.2)
"Short Short Lesson vol.93">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.31)
"Short Short Lesson vol.92">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.91">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.29)
"Commercial broadcast?s aimed at Tokyo 2020 ">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.1.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.90">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.89">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.27)
"Future Happiness">>Tokyu Future Summit, Panelist(2020.1.26)
"Create">>iU, keynote(2020.1.26)
"Come on! KIMONO Men">>NHK "Beauty Pot",talk(2018.12.14,21,2019.1.13,2020.1.17,1.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.88">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.87">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.86">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.22)
"20.Let's do evrything < How, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.14)
"Kyoto International Film Festival">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.1.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.85">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.21)
"Short Short Lesson vol.84">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.20)
"Ceremony, talk">>All Japan OUEN-MURA,Beppu,Oita(2020.1.20)
"Come on! KIMONO Men">>NHK "Beauty Pot",talk(2018.12.14,21,2019.1.13,2020.1.17)
"You and I by Shimofuri-Myojo">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.82">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.81">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.15)
"19.PoP & Tech < How, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.14)
"BOOK REVIEW:“The pathology of the ‘overly-strong Liberal Democratic Party’” (“Tsuyosugiru ‘Jimintou no Byouri’”)">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.1.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.80">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.79">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.13)
"Fruits">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2019.1.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.78">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.77">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.76">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.8)
"18.Dejima in the 21st century < How, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.7)
"Computerization of education x literacy">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2020.1.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.75">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.7"4>>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.73">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.72">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.2)
"Short Short Lesson vol.71">>iU CHANNEL(2020.1.1)
"About Kyoto">>Kyoto Newspaper,Contribution(2020.1.1)

2019 TOP▲
"17.Learning Tomorrow < How, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.31)
"What will happen with sharing services?">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.12.31)
"Short Short Lesson vol.70">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.69">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.68">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.67">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.25)
"16.What < How, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.24)
"Book Review: “Content Leaps Forward, Natural Selection in the Media”">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.12.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.66">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.24)
""You and I" by Kamaitachi">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.23)
"Short Short Lesson vol.65">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.64">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.63">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.18)
"15.eSports, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.17)
"We opened an Otaku International Symposium">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.12.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.62">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.61">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.16)
"Let's Go iU" by Shonen Knife >>iU School Song(2019.11.1)
"Create">>iU, keynote(2019.12.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.60">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.59">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.12)
"Society5.0?5G">>5G and Beyond 2020, keynote, panelist(2019.12.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.58">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.10)
"14.Let's go super human, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.10)
"CiP Activity Plan">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.12.10)
"Short Short Lesson vol.57">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.56">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.6)
"Change Tomorrow">>SALON CiP, keynote, moderator(2019.12.4)
"Short Short Lesson vol.55">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.4)
"Short Short Lesson vol.54">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.3)
"13.Break and Make, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.3)
"Pop & Tech City “CiP” Results Report">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.12.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.53">>iU CHANNEL(2019.12.2)
"Drone Race @ Sendai No. 2">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.11.26)
"Open Data VLED Unofficial Awards">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.11.19)
"Japan's Youth Don't Want Creativity!">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.11.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.52">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.51">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.50">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.26)
"12.Mother is the Creative, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.49">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.25)
"Continue to be active, report2">>iU News(2019.11.1)
"Continue to be active, report1">>iU News(2019.11.1)
"Let's Go iU" by Shonen Knife >>iU School Song(2019.11.1)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Business Fair">>MC(2019.11.23)
"Future Society and Social Business">>Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action,moderator(2019.11.22)
"Short Short Lesson vol.48">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.22)
"Short Short Lesson vol.47">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.46">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.19)
"11.Cool Japan is coll?, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.45">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.18)
"Japan-China-Korea, Game Industry and eSports">>Japan-China-Korea Culture-Contents Industry Forum vol.12,keynote,talksession(2019.11.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.44">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.43">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.14)
"Outside Video, Activists in a time when everything becomes media">> Inter BEE2019,panelist(2019.11.14)
"Change Tomorrow">> Inter BEE2019, keynote(2019.11.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.42">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.12)
"10.Nation and GAFA, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.41">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.40">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.39">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.6)
"Short Short Lesson vol.38">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.5)
"9.How to play revolution, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.5)
"Short Short Lesson vol.37">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.4)
"The Image of Otaku">>Manga Barcelona Spain, talk(2019.11.1)
"CiP- Catalunya MOU">>CiP-Catalunya MOU(2019.11.1)
"Let's Go iU" by Shonen Knife >>iU School Song(2019.11.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.36">>iU CHANNEL(2019.11.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.35">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.30)
"Short Short Lesson vol.34">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.29)
"8.Super Free Time Society", You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.29)
"Towards a Competitive Strategy for Data Distribution ">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.10.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.33">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.28)
"Short Short Lesson vol.32">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.31">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.25)
"Short Short Lesson vol.30">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.29">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.23)
"7.Go Punk!, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.22)
"Report from the Headquarters for Intellectual Property/Cinema Promotion Conference ">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.10.22)
"Short Short Lesson vol.28">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.22)
"talk">>Kyoto International Film Festival 2019, Closing Party(209.10.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.27">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.18)
"talk">>Kyoto International Film Festival 2019, Opening Party(2019.10.17)
"Message">>Kyoto International Film Festival 2019, Opening Ceremony(2019.10.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.26">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.25">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.16)
"6.Digital Capitalism, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.15)
"The Inbound Market for Anime and Manga">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.10.15)
"Short Short Lesson vol.24">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.14)
"Short Short Lesson vol.23">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.122">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.10)
"You and I by Mr.Nobutaka Tsubota">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.9)
"High Expectations for RIKEN's AI Research Center">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.10.9)
"5.Make Japanese Media, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.21">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.8)
"Short Short Lesson vol.20">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.7)
"Short Short Lesson vol.19">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.4)
"You and I by Mr.Masashi Kumada">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.3)
"Short Short Lesson vol.18">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.2)
"4.Change the air, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.1)
"Going to the data business of Japanese broadcasters">>Monthly Newmedia Nov.2019, interview(2019.10.1)
"Let's Build a Base for Digital Personnel Development">>BLOG IchiyaNakamura(2019.10.1)
"Evolving city,Hamamatsucho">>Nippon Curtural Broadcasting,"Future and Culture village Hamamatsucho Innovation Culture Cafe",talk(2019.10.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.17">>iU CHANNEL(2019.10.1)
"Short Short Lesson vol.16">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.30)
"Live 10 years later,Power required for children">>Shingaku-Tsushin Junior, interview(2019.9)
"After 10 years, born new many jobs!">>Shingaku-Tsushin Junior,School-Guide, interview(2019.9)
"Buddhist Cuisine">>NHK "COOL JAPAN", talk(2019.9.29)
"Short Short Lesson vol.15">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.27)
"Short Short Lesson vol.14">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.26)
"Short Short Lesson vol.13">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.25)
"3.Be Smart, You and I">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.)24
"Let's Create an Integrated SEZ Between Pop and Tech">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.9.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.12">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.24)
"Short Short Lesson vol.11">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.23)
"Super Human Sports">>J-WAVE "WITH", talk(2019.9.13,20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.10">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.20)
"Short Short Lesson vol.9">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.19)
"Short Short Lesson vol.8">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.18)
"Short Short Lesson vol.7">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.17)
"2.Imagine and Create, You and I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.17)
"The Debate over Revisions to the Copyright System">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.9.17)
"Short Short Lesson vol.6">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.16)
"Short Short Lesson vol.5">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.13)
"Short Short Lesson vol.4">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.12)
"Short Short Lesson vol.3">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.11)
"Short Short Lesson vol.2">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.10)
"1.Medical scalpel and Knife,You an I>>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.10)
"thinkC 's 10th Anniversary">>BLOG Ichiya Nakamura(2019.9.9)
"Short Short Lesson vol.1">>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.9)
"Introduction of iU" in Japanese>>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.9)
"Introduction of iU" in English>>iU CHANNEL(2019.9.9)
"Expect to NHK">>Bengo4.com News, interview(2019.9.8)
"Future of City Festival">> BACKSTAGE, panelist(2019.9.5)
"talk">>Super Welfare Exhibition (2019.9.3)
"VAMPIRE! 40th Live">>Juttoku, Kyoto(2019.8.31)
"Future of City Festival">> BACKSTAGE, panelist(2019.8.28)
"talk">>All Japan OUEN-MURA Committee(2019.8.27)
"Come on! KIMONO Men">>NHK "Beauty Pot", talk(2018.12.14,21,2019.1.13,8.8)
"Artist Commons">>talk(2019.8.7)
"iU">>iU, Panel-Discussion, moderator(2019.7.28)
"Create">>iU, keynote(2019.7.28)
"Create">>iU, keynote(2019.7.20)
"Media Convergence of AI Age">>NAB Symposium, Keynoteand Panelist(2019.7.17)
"Internet and Digital Business ofBroadcasters">>NAB Symposium, Keynote and Panelist(2019.7.11)
"Crash and Create, Digital?Tokyo">>Tokyo Business Location Seminar, keynote (2019.7.10)
"Create Super Free Time Society">>Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management memorial symposium , keynote (2019.7.5)
"Revolution of Education">>EDUPEDIA, panel1, report (2019.6.24)
"Revolution of Education">>EDUPEDIA, panel2, report (2019.6.24)
"Revolution of Education">>EDUPEDIA, panel3, report (2019.6.24)
"UDON">>NHK COOL JAPAN, talk(2019.6.23)
"Beyond Revolution of Education">>EDUPEDIA, keynote-report(2019.6.12)
"Digital Signage Awards 2019">>DJS2018, Chairman(2018.6.12)
"Opening Ceremony">>DSJ2018(2018.6.12)
"Japan's Possibilities and Challenges in AI Age">>Nakasone Peace Institute, keynote(2019.6.11)
"Media Convergence 2.0 ">>Radio Day and Information Communication Month, Symposium, keynote(2019.6.3)
"Create">>iU, "Innovation's Will",keynote(2019.6.2)
"Beyond Revolution of Education">>ROJE May Festival Education Forum 2019, Tokyo University, keynote, panelist(2019.5.19)
"Bill to Revise Broadcasting Law">>House of Representatives, reference(2019.5.14)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>Yoshimoto Co.Ltd., moderator (2019.5.13)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>Yoshimoto Co.Ltd., moderator (2019.5.13)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>Yoshimoto Co.Ltd., moderator (2019.5.13)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>Yoshimoto Co.Ltd., moderator (2019.5.13)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>Yoshimoto Co.Ltd., moderator (2019.5.13)
"iU">>iU All meeting, keynote(2019.5.11)
"Create">>iU, "Innovation's Will",keynote(2019.5.11)
"Sandwich">>NHK COOL JAPAN,talk(2019.4.28,5.12)
"Future of Urban Festival">>Kobe078, panelist(2019.4.28)
"Super Human Sports EXPO2019">>talk(2019.4.26)
"Tomorrow of University?">>co-media, dialogue(2019.4.25)
"2020's youth career theory-3">>School to Work, dialogue(2019.4.25)
"Change,TV-2">>Yomiuri Newspaper,Osaka,comments(2019.4.23)
"2020's youth career theory-2">>School to Work, dialogue(2019.4.21)
"2020's youth career theory-1">>School to Work, dialogue(2019.4.18)
"Okinawa International Film Festival 2019,Red red carpet"(2019.4.21)
"Laugh & Peace_Mother powered by NTTGroup">>Yoshimoto, moderator(2019.4.21)
"Tokyo Trash #14">>Tokyo Trash, talk(2019.4.11)
"Technology × Entertainment">>Content Tokyo, talk(2019.4.5)
"Sword">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2019.3.31)
"iU">>i-Universuty,Admission briefing session, keynote(2019.3.31)
"eSports">>NEWS PICKS, interview(2019.3.24)
"talk">>AIP Symposium, keynote(2019.3.19)
"talk">>JBA, Embassy of the United Kingdom(2019.3.14)
"VLED Self Award 2018">>VLED,Judging Committee Chairman, talk, presenter(2019.3.6)
"Information Bank Summit">>NRA, moderator(2019.2.28)
"Net Safty">>Toyo Keizai, interview(2019.2.28)
"Super Free Time Society">>IT Strategy Research Committee and SSK, keynote(2019.2.25)
"Japan As PoP">>N High School Blog, Lecture(2019.2.12)
"NHK Simultaneous Streaming">>The Mainichi Newspaper,interview(2019.2.6)
"SHOWA Retro">>NHK Cool Japan (2018.8.5,2019.2.5)
"Japan As PoP">>N High School, Lecture(2019.2.4)
"2.5 dimensions">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2019.2.3)
"i University, Second Part">>Sogyo Techo, interview(2019.1.31)
"Super Human Sports in Osaka">>talk, Osaka(2019.1.20)
"Entertainment Society will come">>B-maga Jan.2019, interview(2019.1.10)

2018 TOP▲
"TV">>Weekly Diamond, 29th Dec.2019, comments(2018.12.29)
"Sharing Economy">>Newswitch, Daily Industry Newspaper, interview(2018.12.21)
"Sharing Economy 2">>Grasp, interview(2018.12.21)
"Culture and Arts for New Value and Region Development">>Cultural Affairs Agency to Kyoto Symposium , moderator(2018.12.21)
"Media Convergence 2.0">>TV-Asahi, keynote(2018.12.20)
"Sharing Economy 2.0">>JCCI, keynote(2018.12.20)
"Sharing Economy 1">>Grasp, interview(2018.12.18)
"iUniversity">>"Future of Junior High School Entrance Examination" seminar, keynote(2018.12.17)
"Don't You Make?">>Kyoto Sangyo University, talk(2018.12.14)
"Come on! KIMONO Men">>NHK "Beauty Pot", talk(2018.12.14,21,2019.1.13)
"e-sports">>iichiko NEXT100 Meetings, keynote(2018.12.5)
"Digital Punk">>JETRO, keynote(2018.12.4)
"Education and Copyright of AI age">>"SG on Copyright of Textbooks", talk(2018.12.4)
"Nanso Satomi Hakkenden">>NHK "Health checkup of great people, Mr.Bakin Takizawa", comments(2018.11.28)
"Nakano and Koenji">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2018.11.25)
"Education by Professional University">>Professional University Symposium, Panelist(2018.11.25)
"Honor Oddball">>Nikkei-Business 26th Nov.2018, interview(2018.11.23)
"Let's Honor "Strange"">>Nikkei Business,26th Nov.2018, interview(2018.11.23)
"Impact of Soft Power">>Japan-Spain Symposium, moderator(2018.11.22)
"Invent "Play" in the 21st Century">>WIRED , interview(2018.11.19)
"Comments">>Super Welfare Sports Co-creation Project Plus,talk(2018.11.19)
"Regulation of Internet and Libertarian">>Monthly Saizo, Nov.2018, interview(2018.11.18)
"i University">>Collaboration with i University and Sumida-ku , TTCCI,keynote(2018.11.12)
"Superhuman Sports">>Super Welfare Expo, talk(2018.11.7)
"Superhuman Sports">>NTV "news zero" , interview(2018.11.6)
"15 Years of IP Strategy Headquarters">>Jurist, Nov.2018, talk(2018.10.25)
"talk">>LIVE HACKASONG vol.3, Final Review, Chairman(2018.10.17)
"talk">>Kyoto International Film Festival 2018, Closing Party(2018.10.14)
"talk">>Kyoto International Film Festival 2018, Opening Party(2018.10.12)
"Message">>Kyoto International Film Festival 2018, Opening Ceremony(2018.10.12)
"KIFF">>Kyoto Newspaper, talk(2018.10.8)
"Closing Talk">>"Sports&Tech Future meeting 2018", talk(2018.9.26)
"Broadcasting and Information Convergence 2.0">>Cross-industry exchange meeting, keynote(2018.9.18)
"esports">>"Fight, esports!" ,AMD, panelist(2018.9.13)
"esports">>"Fight, esports!" ,AMD, panelist,Weekly ASCII(2018.9.13)
"esports">>"Fight,esports!" ,AMD, talk, panelist, famitsu.com(2018.9.13)
"Broadcasting and Telecom Convergence 2.0">>A-PAB Conference vol.4, keynote(2018.9.11)
"Anti-Piracy TF">>LDP, interview(2018.9.6)
"To be active in the area">>CISCO, talk(2018.9.5)
"Kyoto International Film Festival 2018">>press conference(2018.9.3)
"Pirate Site Block">>Nikkei Newspaper, interview(2018.9.1)
"i University">>i University Briefing, keynote(2018.8.26)
"Groundbreaking Ceremony">>i University(2018.8.24)
"KIFF Press Conference", talk(2018.8.21)
"Open YGX">>YouGoEx, Opening Ceremony, talk(2018.8.21)
"Open YGX">>YouGoEx,Opening Ceremony, talk(2018.8.21)
"Policy and Technology">>YouGoEx Session, panelist(2018.8.21)
"SupperHumanSports 3rd Anniversary Symposium">>YouGoEx,moderator(2018.8.21)
"CiP Challenge10">>Digital Summer Party, talk(2018.8.21)
"Pirated Cartoon Website Measures">>Yomiuri-newspaper, comments(2018.8.13)
"Pirated Cartoon Website Measures">>Yomiuri-newspaper, comments(2018.8.9)
"Super Human Sports">>"SUPER WELFARE", interview(2018.8.6)
"SHOWA Retro">>NHK Cool Japan (2018.8.5)
"CEDEC 20th Anniversary Celebration Comments">>CEDEC, comments(2018.8.1)
"GYOZA">>NHK Cool Japan(2018.6.3,7.29)
"From TV game to Sports! esports of future in Japan">>Japan Society of Sports Industry, Sports Industry Seminar vol.46,keynote(2018.7.23)
"AI×Education, vol.1">>Leaning of Tomorrow, member (2018.7.23)
"Cold Noodle">>NHK "Cool Japan",talk(2017.8.6,9.3,2018.7.21)
"Japan As PoP?"Tokyo University    of the Art, lecture (2018.7.19)
"esports">>OPEN SALON CiP,moderator (2018.7.2)
"Pirate Site Task Force">>Yahoo!JapanEEuzzFeed Japan), interview (2018.6.30)
"Pirate Site Task Force">>BuzzFeed Japan, interview(2018.6.30)
"Cheers">>JISPA Party (2018.6.27)
"Pirate Site Task Force">>JIJI Press, comments(2018.6.22)
"i university">>i university School briefing session(2018.6.17)
"Esports">>JIJI Press, comments(2018.6.16)
"Esports">>DSJ2018, keynote(2018.6.15)
"Leaning of Tomorrow">>Constitutional Democratic Party,National Association of Science Technology and Innovation,committee,talk(2018.6.15)
"Esports">>Nikkei Newspaper, comments(2018.6.14)
"SuperhumanSports">>J-WAVE Tokyo Morning Radio Insight, talk(2018.6.14)
"Digital Signage Awards 2018">>DJS2018, Chairman(2018.6.13)
"Opening Ceremony">>DSJ2018(2018.6.13)
"IP Vision and IP Plan 2018">>IP Headquarter meeting, comments(2018.6.12)
"Gyoza">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2018.6.3)
"Learning of Tomorrow">>LoT starting symposium, talk session(2018.5.29)
"Isle of Dogs">>Asahi Newspaper, interview(2018.5.28)
"You Go 2.0">>KyodoNews, keynote(2018.5.24)
"i-university">>"News University", keynote(2018.5.17)
"Beyond2020">>BA Symposium vol.29, moderator(2018.5.17)
"Sharing Economy">>Tokyo JCCI, keynote(2018.5.15)
"Risk of Virtual Money and ICO">>NRA Symposium2018, moderator(2018.5.11)
"IPDC Forum">>IPDC Forum, crosstalk(2018.5.10)
"Super Human Sports">>>MELOS, interview(2018.4.24)
"Sense of Crisis of Private Broadcasting">>WEBRONZA, comments(2018.4.18)
"Future of Content Industry Base">>SALON CiP, CiP, moderator(2018.4.17)
"Is that NOT COOL now? part2">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2018.4.15,22)
"Entertainment of 2020s">>Contents Tokyo 2018, moderator(2018.4.6)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>walkerplus,moderator,facilitator(2018.3.28)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>ASAHI-newspaper,moderator,facilitato(2018.3.28)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>Nikkansports newspaper,moderator,facilitator(2018.3.28)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>Reuters,moderator,facilitator(2018.3.28)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>SANKEI sports ,moderator,facilitator(2018.3.28)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>Oricon,moderator,facilitator(2018.3.28)
"Yunus and Yoshimoto Social Action">>modelpress,moderator,facilitator(2018.3.28)
"Review broadcasting business, concern">>YOMIURI newspaper,interview(2018.3.27)
"Electronic brain, e-sports">>Tokyo Newspaper, interview(2018.3.25)
"iUniversity">>iUniversity Admission Briefing, talk(2018.3.18)
"Super management with entrepreneurship is needed">>Nikkei New Media, interview(2018.3.12)
"Education of AI"
>>DiTT Symposium, panelist(2018.3.12)
"Disaster Prevention">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2018.3.11)
"Yoshimoto,eSports full-scale entry">>GAME WATCH, talk(2018.3.7)
"Yoshimoto,eSports full-scale entry">>PHILEWEB, talk(2018.3.7)
"Yoshimoto,eSports full-scale entry">>Sponichi,talk(2018.3.7)
"Yoshimoto,eSports full-scale entry">>PRTIMES, talk(2018.3.7)
"Self Award vol.6">>VLED,Judging Committee Chairman,talk,presenter(2018.3.6)
"Copyright Trend on Education">>DiTT Symposium, panelist(2018.2.28)
"Broadcasting, Information Convergence 2.0">>MIC,Future Image of Broadcast Frequency effective use committee vol.3, talk(2018.2.28)
"Share Economy">>KOMEI Newspaper, interview(2018.2.25)
"New Age Copyrights">>JRRC Seminar vol.12, keynote (2018.2.21)
"Japan As Pop">>KJSP, lecture(2018.2.19)
"2020, what do we do?">>Super Human Sports GAMES VOL.2,panelist(2018.2.18)
"Ultra Super Human Sports Co-creation Review">>Super Human Sports GAMES VOL.2,judge(2018.2.18)
"Opening Ceremony">>Super Human Sports GAMES VOL.2,talk(2018.2.18)
"Digital Manga Campus Match 2017">>talk (2018.2.17)
"Digital New Year Party">> taik, presentation(2018.2.16)
"Media Convergence 2.0">> Cabinet Office, Government of Japan,Regulatory Reform Promotion Conference, Investment WG,"Broadcast regulation reform", presentation(2018.2.27)
"2020, Tokyo, Digital">>PTC'18, Hawaii, keynote(2018.1.23)
"Glasses">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2018.1.21)
2017 TOP▲
"Japan Origin Sports">>NHK Cool Japan,talk and comments(2017.10.8,2018.1.7)
"Sharing Service of Bysicle">>NHK News Check 11, comments(2017.12.20)
"Heated Discussion JASRAC">>nico nico-video, moderator(2017.12.17)
"Digital, Tokyo, 2020">>Dokkyo University, lecture(2017.12.13)
"Kyoto University's Signboards">>TV Asahi Morning Show, comment(2017.12.12)
"Super Human Sports">>"Wearable × Sports = Rich Kobe",Kobe city, keynote(2017.12.9)
"Wearable × Sports × Activate regional activities">>"Wearable × Sports = Rich Kobe",Kobe city, panelist(2017.12.9)
"Don't You Make?">>Kyoto Sangyo University(2017.12.8)
"Radio Auction?">>"Good-morinig Radio", RCC Radio, interview(2017.12.5)
"i university">>Tokyo Newspaper, comments(2017.12.5)
"i university">>Japan Economic Newspaper,comments(2017.12.5)
"i university">>JIJI.com,Introduction(2017.12.5)
"i university">>The Daily Engineering & Construction News,Introduction(2017.12.5)
"i university">>University Journal online,Introduction(2017.12.5)
"i university">>Nikkei IT Pro, Introduction(2017.12.5)
"i university">>PR Times,press release(2017.12.4)
"Digital Year-end Party">>You Go Lab, talk(2017.11.30)
"eSports ">>"Start Japanese eSports", AMD, press conference(2017.11.17)
"Sharing Economy and Start Up">>"5by20 Woman Start Up Symposium", Japan Coca-cola, keynote(2017.11.16)
"Digital, Tokyo, 2020">>TBS Media Lab, keynote(2017.11.9)
"Education of AI age ">>DiTT Symposium, panelist(2017.11.9)
"Super Human Sports ">>Tomorrow's Community Lab, interview(2017.11.1)
"START ME UP AWARDS2017">>Final Pitch & Awards, Judge(2017.10.29)
"Kyoto International Film Festival">>Osaka-nichinichi newspaper,interview(2017.10.27)
"Digital Teaching, TERAKOYA">>JAPAN EDUCATIONAL PRESS,interview(2017.10.23)
"TV Anime Program Export">>Fuji TV,  News+α, comments(2017.10.20)
"Lost TV!?">>Benesse, Adult intellectual curiosity vol.3,supervision(2017.10.19)
"Closing Party">>Kyoto International Film Festival vol.4, talk(2017.10.15)
"Internet and Law regulation">>niconico-video,talk(2017.10.13)
"Cool,Anime,KYOTO">>Kyoto International Film Festival vol.4,"Anime×traditional culture×tourism from Kyoto",keynote(2017.10.13)
"Opening Party">>KyotoInternational Film Festival vol.4, talk(2017.10.12)
"Opening Ceremony">>KyotoInternational Film Festival vol.4, talk(2017.10.12)
"Japan Origin Sports">>NHK Cool Japan,talk and comments(2017.10.8)
"Super Welfare Sports Project vol.1">>Super Human Sports Association, talk(2017.10.2)
"Future of DigitalSignage">>DSC Special Seminar,DSC,keynote(2017.9.26)
"Innovation of City by ICT">>Knowledge Forum,Tokyo-Land Co.Ltd, ,talk,dialogue(2017.9.25)
"Girls' Manga">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2017.8.20,9,17)
"Copyright Issue on Education">>DiTT Symposium, panelist(2017.9.14)
"Trend of e-sports">>AMD Symposium, talk,panelist(2017.9.7)
"Kyoto International Film Festival2017">> press conference, talk(2017.9.6)
"Cold Noodle">>NHK "Cool Japan",talk(2017.9.8.6,9.3)
"What is not teaching teacher?">>NEWSPICKS,talk(2017.8.31)
"Promotion of the content industry">>OPEN SALON CiP, moderator(2017.7.21)
"The future teaching materials?">>Asahi elementary school newspaper, interview(2017.7.10)
"PoP & Tech">>KMD Admission briefing, talk(2017.7.1)
"Latest Expansion of Contents Biz">Contents Tokyo 2017,moderator(2017.6.30)
"Bag">>NHK Cool Japan(2017.2.5,8,6.25,26)
"Superhuman Sports 2nd Anniversary Symposium">>Superhuman Sports Society, moderator (2017.6.19)
"Past and Future of Digitalsignage">>SAIPO, interview(2017.6.15)
"talk">>Mr.Takai's party (2017.6.12)
"Talk">>DSJ2017,LEJ NIGHT(2017.6.8)
"Digital Signage Award 2017">>DSJ2017(2017.6.7)
"talk">>MIC, Slogan for Internet Safety Ceremony(2017.6.5)
"Sharing Economy">>NHK,interview(2017.6.2)
"Asian Soft Power: Facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution">>JEJUFORUM2017,panelist(2017.6.2)
"Future of 8K Public-Viewing!>>Live Entertainment EXPO vol.4, keynote(2017.5.31)
"2020,Digital,Tokyo">>PTCJ Forum2017,keynote(2017.5.29)
"ICT Car">>Kuruma-Iku Lab, comment(2017.5.29)
"Joint Regulation">>Japan Economic Newspaper,comments(2017.5.22)
"Programing Education">>EDIX, Leaning NEXT,keynote(2017.5.17)
"IP Plan 2017">>IP Strategy Headquarters, comments(2017.5.16)
"Jpana-Taiwan,OpenData Cooperataion">>VLED(2017.5.11)
"Talk">>CiP,New Project Kick Off Event,talk(2017.5.10)
"Delivery">>NHK Cool Japan ,talk(2017.4.30,5.1,5.14)
"Open Salon CiP">>CiP, comments(2017.4.24)
"Entertainment and Human Resource of Okinawa">>Okinawa International Film Festivalvol.9,talk(2017.4.22)
"Cheers">>Okinawa International Film Festival vol.9,talk(2017.4.21)
"Mother and Son">>Nikkei Newspaper, interview(2017.4.18)
"News Master">>Bunka Broadcasting,"The News Masters TOKYO", talk(2017.4.13)
"Digital ? Contents">>Synapse,Spring 2017,interview(2017.3.25)
"Figures">>NHK Cool Japan(2017.3.26,27,29)
"2020 PoP Tech">>Cabinet Secretariat, Human Resource Development Committee,vol.1,tal(2017.3.21)
"Video distribution">>Information communication lecture meeting vol.2,DSK,keynote(2017.3.7)
"2020、Digital、Tokyo">>Creative City Consortium,keynote,talk session(2017.3.6)
"OTAKU International Symposium">>CiP,moderator(2017.2.28)
"Kyoto International Film Festival 2017">>Kyoto City,keynote(2017.2.27)
"Japan As PoP?">>Korea Embassy,keynote(2017.2.23)
"DiTT Incorporation Symposium">>DiTT Symposium,Panelist(2017.2.14)
"Japanese Mainculture">>KJSP,lecture(2017.2.13)
"talk">>Digital New Year Party(2017.2.10)
"Media Company's Innovation">>Senden-Kaigi,March 2017,interview(2017.2.3)
"Digital Textbook">>Kodansha,keynote(2017.1.31)
"LIVE MUSIC HACKASONG Final Review">>Chair(2017.1.26)
"Japan Merchandising Rights Grand Prix 2016">>presenter(2017.1.23)
"2020 Digital">>IT Strategy Committee,keynote(2017.1.17)
"Super Entertainment Society by AI">>ORICON vol.51,interview(2017.1.16)
"Ichiya Nakamura Award">>Washo-no-syo exhibition,judgement(2017.1.13-15)
"Super Human Sports">>TV-Asahi,Super J-Channel,interview(2017.1.7)
2016 TOP▲
"Broadcasting 5 years later">>A-PAB, keynote(2016.12.16)
"Digital Punk">>PTC Japan Committee(2016.12.15)
"talk">>CiP-billbord LIVE MUSIC HACKASONG(2016.12.11)
"Are you Makers?">>Kyoto Sangyo University(2016.12.10)
"Volunteers">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2016.12.11)
「KMD Info Session ver.2」>>KMD Chanel, talk(2016.12.7)
「KMD Info Session ver.1」>>KMD Chanel, talk(2016.12.7)
「Cheers」>>Digital Year End Party, talk(2016.11.30)
「2020 × Pop & Tech」>>KMD Forum2016, moderator(2016.11.26)
"Future of Production, Strategy of 2020">>KMD Forum2016, moderator(2016.11.26)
"Opening Ceremony">>KMD Forum2016,"2020,My Opening Ceremony", talk(2016.11.26)
"Super Human Sports"
>>AFPBB News, interview(2016.11.23)
"CiP">>Stanford APARC / Silicon Valley ?ENew Japan Project(2016.11.17)
"Future of 4K8K">>INTER BEE2016, panelist(2016.11.12)
「2020 × Pop Tech」>>INTER BEE2016, keynote(2016.11.17)
"Abema TV">>Yomiuri-Newspaper, comment (2016.11.14)
"SALON CiP">>CiP,moderator (2016.11.7)
"Our Twitter Project">>CANVAS,Jury Chairman (2016.11.6)
"Policy Project">>KMD Briefing, Lecture(2016.11.5)
"IT Business Evolution">>BizEBrowser Forum2016,keynote(2016.11.1)
"START ME UP AWARDS2016">>Jury(2016.10.30)
"Innovative Technologies2016">>DC EXPO,Jury(2016.10.27)
"Internet Distribution by Local TV">>The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Symposium,moderator(2016.10.25)
"Be The HERO">>International Manga Festival 2016,Moderator(2016.10.23)
"ICT Education and Privacy・Security">>DiTT Symposium, Panelist(2016.10.17)
"Closing Ceremony">>Kyoto International Film Festival 2016,talk(2016.10.16)
"Opening Party">>Kyoto International Film Festival 2016,talk(2016.10.13)
"Opening Ceremony">>Kyoto International Film Festival 2016,talk(2016.10.13)
"Games">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2016.10.9,11.2)
"Super-human Sports Society">>"Journey of Burari", interview(2016.10.8)
"Global of Japan Contents">>Business Model Association,Autumn 2016,Dialogue(2016.10.2)
"Judgment">>Japan Design School,Superhuman Sports Illustration Competition,ceremony (2016.9.25)
"Superhuman Sports Project from Iwate" Final Presentation">>Iwate National Athletic,Iwate,Panelist(2016.9.24)
"Authors, publishers, bookstores of the Cool Japan strategy">>CoolJapan and Publishers Business Partners Forum,facilitator(2016.9.23)
"IT×Medical">>BS-Fuji,"Life of Live", MC(2016.9.20)
"Car × IT">>BS-Fuji,"Life of Live" vol.6,MC(2016.9.6)
Super Human Sports Hackathon vol.3, jury (2016.9.11)
Kyoto International Movie Festival 2016, Kyoto(2016.9.6)
"New experience value content">>BACKSTAGE 2016,moderator(2016.8.30)
"Soccer × IT">>BS-Fuji,"Life of LIVE",vol.4, MC(2016.8.2)
"Inbound of Anime and Manga">>ABPF Vol.6, moderator(2016.7.28)
"Digital Textbooks toward 2020">>DiTT,talk(2016.7.25)
"Digital Summer Party">>You Go Lab,talk(2016.7.22)
"Sports AEIT" >>BS-Fuji,"Life of LIVE",vol.3(2016.7.19)
"IP system of the next generation">>SOFTIC seminar, moderator(2016.7.8)
" Cirque du Soleil">>BS-Fuji,"Life of LIVE",vol.3,interviewer(2016.7.5)
"Drone × Entertainment × startup">>OPEN SALON CiP, panelist(2016.6.27)
"The 3rd Broadcasting, i-dio">>Special Interview vol.1(2016.6.25)
" Cirque du Soleil">>BS-Fuji,"Life of LIVE",vol.2(2016.6.21)
"How to Take advantage empty frequency bands">>Media Watch,Yomiuri Newspaper,comments (2016.6.20)
"2020,TOKYO,Digital">>The institute of Images Information and Televison Engineers Kansai,keynote (2016.6.17)
"Digital Signage Awards 2016">>Digital Signage Japan2016(2016.6.8)
Opening Ceremony>>Digital Signage Japan 2016,talk(2016.6.8)
"Golf Digest Online">>BS-fuji,"Life of LIVE",vol.1,interviewer(2016.6.7)
"Biz future">>Super Human Sports Association 1st Aniversary Symposium, moderator(2016.6.6)
"My Produce Theory">>Next Generation Course, keynote(2016.6.4)
"Kyary Pamyu Pamyu">>NHK News Shibu-5 o'clock,comment(2016.6.3)
"2020, New Challenge of Radio">>The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association,moderator(2016.6.3)
"Game Archive,?Technorogy and Experience Archive?">>GAME ON , panelist(2016.5.20)
"ICT Education">>ICT Education Seminar in Okayama,keynote, moderator (2016.5.16)
"Cats">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2015.5.15、22)
"CiP">>Cool Japan base construct committee vol.1,presentation(2016.5.12)
"Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Policy Counselor Inaugural ceremony">>Cabinet Secretariat(2016.5.11)
"I.P.Strategic Program 2016">>Cabinet Office I.P.Strategy Headquarters, comments(2016.5.9)
"Media Convergence by CiP">>Nikkei New Media,interview(2016.4.25)
"From Okinawa to Kyoto">>Okinawa International Movie Festival vol.8, Closing ceremony, talk(2016.4.24)
"Entertainment and Future of Okinawa ">>Okinawa International Movie Festival vol.8,moderator(2016.4.23)
"Cheers">>Okinawa International Movie Festival vol.8, talk(2016.4.22)
"Broadcasting Using Wifi and LTE">>Nikkei New Media, interview(2016.4.18)
"BUKATSU">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2016.4.17,24)
"Model">>Mr.Shin Yamagishi,Photo Exhibition "Faces of the Moment vol.8", model(2016.4.8-4.13 Tokyo,4.22?5.2 Osaka)
"Future Lesson vol.3,Future of Super Human Sports">>FM-Tokyo Ichiya Nakamura Future Lesson vol.985,talk(2016.3.31)
"Future Lesson vol.3,Sports and Body memory of AI age">>FM-Tokyo Ichiya Nakamura Future Lesson vol.984,talk(2016.3.30) 
"Future Lesson vol.2,No Border of Olympic and Paralympics">>FM-Tokyo Ichiya Nakamura Future Lesson vol.983,talk(2016.3.29)
"Future Lesson vol.1,What's Super Human Sports?">>FM-Tokyo Ichiya Nakamura Future Lesson vol.982,talk(2016.3.28)
"Pop Power Concept of Future">>DIAMOND HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW,interview(2016.3.22)
"Extension of Humanity">>JAPAN HOUSE at SXSW2016 ,Texas,U.S.A, keynote(2016.3.14)
"Self Award vol.4">>VLED,Judging Committee Chairman(2016.3.11)
"Personal History of Game">>"Why fun the game?, KADOKAWA,contribution (2016.3.11)
"Local Culture and Sports Creation">>Super Human Sports Society, moderator(2016.3.9)
"Talk with Olympic and Paralympic Minister Mr.Toshiaki Endo ">>Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic committee, talk(2016.3.7)
"High-Tech Life">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2016.3.6)
"Our Twitter Project">>CANVAS,Judging Committee Chairman(2016.3.6)
"Media of Future">>TFM "SCHOOL OF LOCK!", talk(2016.3.1)
"Digital New Year Party 2016">>moderator(2016.2.19)
"IoT×Education">>MIC IoT Policy Committee(2016.2.19)
"Digital Manga Campus Match 2016">>talk(2016.2.10)
"2020,TOKYO,Digital">>BBA,New Year Party,Keynote(2016.1.27)
"Silicon Valley: External and Internal">>IT Policy Round Table,Japan-U.S.A Symposium, moderator(2016.1.26)
"Tokyo Kawaii Crazy Bangkok">>Executive Director (2016.1.22)
"FM Station Solves Automatic Operation">>Nikkei Newspaper, comment(2016.1.20)
"Education institution and Start Up">>SALON CiP,moderator(2016.1.20)
2015 TOP▲
"Action for My Number ">>NRA forum 2015 , moderator(2015.12.18)
"Next Beyond Smart">>Korea MBC Broadcast Forum Japan Special Seminar,keynote(2015.12.16)
"NINJA">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2015.12.13)
"G7 Students ICT Summit">>Takamatsu, Kagawa,moderator(2015.12.12)
"Digital Punk">>Kyoto Sangyo University, lecture(2015.12.11)
"Daily life "Sportification"! Superhuman sport's "mega" market">>Catalyst, dialogue(2015.12.11)
"Be a making person?">>Knowledge Capital Super School, Osaka,keynote(2015.12.10)
"New National "Superhuman" Stadium!">>Catalyst, dialogue(2015.12.10)
"Future Sports?">>Catalyst, dialogue(2015.12.9)
"Industry4.0 from Tokyo">>OPEN SALON CiP, moderator(2015.12.8)
Toast!>>Twitter Japan Social gathering party(2015.12.7)
"Super Human Sports Forum">>International ROBOT EXHIBITION 2015 , talk and moderator(2015.12.5)
"Position of the digital textbooks?~About Copyright">>DiTT Symposium, panelist(2015.12.1)
"Video streaming">>YOMIURI-newspaper,comment(2015.11.28)
"Digital Kids">>KMD Forum, moderator(2015.11.27)
"Super-Human Sports Society">>TED×Tokyo Salon2015 vol.2, keynote(2015.11.25)
"Digital Year-end party">>talk (2015.11.24)
"Manga and Anime for the world and future">>International Manga Festa 2015, moderator(2015.11.15)
"Change the nation and body by technology">>SUPER WELFARE EXPO, talk(2015.11.12)
"Superhuman Sports">>NTV,"Shu-ichi",comment(2015.11.8)
"TOKYO 2020, strategy and roadmap">>Canon Expo 2015 Tokyo, panelist(2015.11.4)
"Umami">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2015.7.12,11.1)
"The 61st school reading research:Entrance to the world,Power of Manga Culture">>Mainichi-Newspaper, interview (2015.10.27)
"Opinion: MANGA is Clues to Learn">>Mainichi-Newspaper,comments(2015.10.27)
"START ME UP AWARDS 2015">>DC EXPO, Executive Committee(2015.10.25)
"Innovative Technologies 2015">>DC EXPO, Jury (2015.10.22)
"talk">>Kyoto International Film Festival2015, Closing Party,Kyoto(2015.10.18)
"Vine Award 2015">>Kyoto International Film Festival2015,Jury President,Kyoto(2015.10.18)
"Red carpet">>Kyoto International Film Festival2015,Kyoto(2015.10.15)
"Keynote">>Kyoto International Film Festival2015, Opening Party,Kyoto (2015.10.15)
"This is also Edutainment Manga 100!">>THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery, IT Media, Member comments (2015.10.13)
"V-Low Multi Media Broadcasting">>CEATEC2015, V-Low Multi Media Broadcasting 1-day Conference vol.4,keynote,talk(2015.10.9)
"This is also Edutainment Manga!">>THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments (2015.10.6)
"JIN">>"This is also Edutainment Manga!",THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments(2015.10.6)
"HARUROCK">>"This is also Edutainment Manga!",THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments (2015.10.6)
"Space Brother">>"This is also Edutainment Manga!",THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments (2015.10.6)
"Dragon Sakura">>"This is also Edutainment Manga!",THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments (2015.10.6)
"Barefoot Gen">>"This is also Edutainment Manga!",THE NIPPON FOUNDATION,The World Discovery,Member comments (2015.10.6)
"MIC Leading education system demonstration project, Management Office project manager, letter of appreciation>>MIC(2015.9.30)
"Prosperity of Tablet Learning">>DiTT symposium,panelist(2015.9.28)
"SuperHuman Sports Illustration contest Ceremony">>SuperHuman Association,comment and presenter(2015.9.27)
「Cool Japan,Real of contents">>Weekly Diamond,19.Sep.2015,comment(2015.9.19)
"CiP">>CiP Symposium vol.1, keynote(2015.9.17)
"De-Smart TV">>The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association, Visiting Fellow meeting, keynote(2015.9.14)
"Japanese Culture Policy and Korea">>50 anniversary International Academic Symposium for normalization of Korea-Japan relation, The Japanese Language and Literature Association of Korea, keynote(2015.9.12)
"What make means">>CEDEC2015, keynote
"DigitalSignage PICTATHON">>talk(2015.8.2)
"Digital Textbook, Trend and Correspondence">>MEXT"Digital Textbook Study meeting", talk(2015.7.21)
"Digital Summer Party">>talk(2015.7.16)
"Now and Future of ICT">>Kyoto Bank President AssociationManagement seminar, Kyoto (2015.7.14)
"Umami">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2015.7.12)
"Change Society by University Project?">>KMD SALON,Dialogue(2015.7.8)
"Policy Project">>Japan-Korea Seminar,"The copyright and service model convergence of innovation",talk and keynote(2015.7.2)
"The copyright and service model convergence of innovation">>Japan-Korea Seminar(2015.7.2)
"Explanation about TPP IP">>Nico Nico Live, talk(2015.6.27)
"Edged Tools">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2015.6.21,22,29)
"Cool Japan Strategy Promotion Committee 6">>Nico Nico Live, talk(2015.6.17)
"For Smart education ~ DiTT Vision ~">>DiTT symposium, Panelist(2015.6.15)
"Copyright issues of TPP">>BS-TBS"Weekly News LIFE", talk(2015.6.14)
"Chance and Future of IP">>TOKYO IP COLLECTION 2015, dialogue(2015.6.14)
"Digital Signage Award 2015"
>>DSJ2015,Jury President(2015.6.10)
"Evolution of Digital Signage for 2020 Tokyo Olympic"
>>DSJ2015, moderator(2015.6.10)
"Opening Ceremony">>DSJ2015, talk(2015.6.10)
"Superhuman Sports Reality and Creation">>Superhuman Sports Society Established Anniversary Symposium, moderator(2015.6.2)
"Superhuman Sports Society">>Superhuman Sports Society Established Anniversary Event, talk(2015.6.2)
"Near future Session WG-1">>MIC, member(2015.5.28)
"Digital Textbook">>"Next ICT strategy study meeting" talk(2015.5.27)
"Cool Japan Strategy Promotion Committee">>Nico Nico Live, talk(2015.5.26)
"Let's think future textbook!">>DiTT Symposium, Panelist(2015.5.25)
"Digital Textbook, Start experts meeting">>Asahi-newspaper, comment(2015.5.13)
"CiP">>IPDC Forum,General meeting vol.7, talk(2015.5.12)
"Future of Superhuman Sports">>Superhuman Society Explanatory meeting , moderator(2015.4.27)
"CiP Association">>CiP Association, Kickoff symposium,talk(2015.4.23)
"Digital AEContents in 2020">>CiP Association, Kickoff symposium,moderator(2015.4.23)
"OTAKU EXPO symposium">>COMIKET SPECIAL6, panelist(2015.3.28)
"Big Meeting ?EOkinawa">>Okinawa International Film Festival vol.7, Okinawa,moderator(2015.3.26)
"Q-sama!! 3hours SP">>TV-Asahi,,talk(2015.3.23)
"Looking for Love">>NHK Cool Japan , talk(2015.3.15)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEECanned foodEEquot;>>BS-Fuji,Moshi-Moshi Nippon,talk(2015.3.15)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE?Ukiyoe、Equot;>>NHK-World,Moshi-Moshi Nippon,talk(2015.3.13)
"TPP Intellectual Property Press Conference ">>TPP IP's transparency forum, comments(2015.3.13)
"Digital Campus Match 2014">>Ceremony,talk(2015.3.3)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEEBathroomEEquot;>>BS-Fuji,Moshi-Moshi Nippon,talk(2015.3.1)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEECanned foodEEquot;>>NHK-World,Moshi-Moshi Nippon,talk(2015.2.27)
"Anime and Anime song overseas strategy">>SALON CiP vol.6, moderator(2015.2.23)
DiTT Symposium,"Future Education,Leading local governments">>Panelist(2015.2.23)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEEKendamaEEquot;>>BS-Fuji,Moshi-Moshi Nippon,talk(2015.2.15)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEEBathroomEEquot;>>NHK-World,Moshi-Moshi Nippon,talk(2015.2.13)
"JASGA and CESA">>JASGA Forum, moderator(2015.2.9)
"Dog">>NHK, Cool Japan, talk(2015.2.8)
"Digital New Year Party">>talk(2015.2.6)
"Digital Textbook:From discussion to action">>ICT Educations Seminar in Matsue, Shimane, keynote, panel(2015.2.2)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEEKendamaEEquot;>>BS-Fuji, Moshi-Moshi Nippon, talk(2015.2.1)
"Pop Power and Technology">>CiP, keynote and moderator(2015.1.27)
"Campaign speech">>Ichinomiya-city Mayor Election,Aichi,talk(2015.1.26)
"Archive Policy and Copyright">>Archive Summit2015, Panelist(2015.1.26)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEEStationEEquot;>>NHK-World, Moshi-Moshi Nippon, talk(2015.1.23)
"Media 2020">>Broadband Association Special Symposium, keynote(2015.1.13)
"4K/8K vs Smart TV, Whose TV Screen?">>Broadband Association Special Symposium, panelist(2015.1.13)
「ICHIYA'S POP EYEEKendamaE、E/A>>>NHK-World Moshi-Moshi Nippon,talk(2015.1.9)
"Digital Punk">>"Information moral lecture", RITSUMEIKAN MORIYAMA junior high school, keynote(2015.1.8)
2014 TOP▲
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEECafeEEquot;>>BS-Fuji Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.12.21)
"Future Plain Sports Party">>Nico Nico Gakkai β, Panelist(2014.12.20)
"National Strategy Zone in Takeshiba">>SALON CiP vol.5, moderator(2014.12.17)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEECafeEEquot;>>BS-World Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.12.12)
"Future School?Change Learning">>DiTT Symposium, keynote(2014.12.11)
"Broadcasting Business 5 Years After">>Dpa, keynote(2014.12.11)
"Contents Business in 2020">>The 4th ABPF, talk(2014.12.8)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE?Hamburger、Equot;>>BS-Fuji Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.12.7)
"Web Risk 2014">>NRA Forum 2014, Keynote(2014.12.5)
"Web Risk">>NRA Forum 2014, Moderator(2014.12.5)
"Future Learning and Digital Education">>ASAHI education vol.1, Panelist(2014.11.29)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE?Hamburger、Equot;>>NHK-world, Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.11.28)
"Amazing manner">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2014.9.14,15,21,10.6,11.30)
"Change of Knowledge and Technology">>IP2.0 symposium, Panelist(2014.11.27)
"Future of Digital and Anime">>SALON CiP vol.4, moderator(2014.11.26)
"North American Digital Comic">>"Digital Manga trend of the world in .DNP forum, Commentator(2014.11.24)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEEStationaryEEquot;>>BS-Fuji Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.11.23)
"MANGA International Symposium">>International Manga Festival 2014, moderator(2014.11.23)
"SUPERHUMAN SPORTS CONTEST">>Super Human Sports Committee, Judge(2014.11.22)
"New growing industry,Ichiya Nakamura and Hiroyuki Kishi">>The 5th KMD Forum(2014.11.22)
"JAPAN-U.S.A Joint meeting vol.1">>IT Policy Round Table, talk(2014.11.6)
"Can TV play a leading role in 2020 ?">>Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association (JBA), The Commercial Broadcasters National Convention vol.62, panelist (2014.11.5)
"Contents Creates the World">>CiP , keynote and moderator(2014.10.27)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEECapusle toyEEquot;>>BS-Fuji, Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.10.26)
"CiP">>"Copyright and Contents service model Innovation,DCAN",DCEXPO,keynote(2014.10.24)
"DSJ2015">>DSJ Joint Kick off symposium, keynote(2014.10.23)
"Digital Textbook">>Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers Union M2M , keynote(2014.10.22)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEEService AreaEEquot;>>NHK-World, Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.10.14)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEEService AreaEEquot;>>BS-Fuji, Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.10.14)
"IT Policy in 2020 and V-Low Multi-Media Broadcasting">>CEATEC V-Low Multi-Media Broadcasting 1DAY Conference Vol.4,keynote(2014.10.10)
"Superhuman Sports Committee kickoff meeting">>Founder keynote(2014.10.10)
"ICT education">>Internet forum for young people vol.10 in Saga, keynote,panelist(2014.10.8)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE?Restrants?">>BS-Fuji,MOSHI-MOSHI NIPPON, talk(2014.10.1)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE~estraunts~">>NHK-World,MOSHI-MOSHI NIPPON, talk(2014.9.26)
"ICT and Education">>Japan Economic Newspaper, interview(2014.9.24)
"Industrial Cluster Model in Takeshiba">>SALON CiP vol.3, moderator(2014.9.16)
"IT Policy Trends and Outlook">>IT Policy Roundtable Japan Conference vol.1, talk,Keynote(2014.9.5)
"Digital MANGA Campus Match 2014">>talk(2014.9.3)
"Flipped classroom in elementary school">>DiTT Symposium, Panelist(2014.9.3)
"Machine creates design">>IP2.0 Conference vol.2, Keynote and Panelist (2014.8.28)
"Growing global human resources?">>Nikkei Newspaper,comments(2014.8.24)
"Beyond Contents BusinessEContents and City">>SALON CiP vol.2, moderator(2014.8.19)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE EConvenience StoreEEquot;>>BS-Fuji Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.8.10)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE EConvenience storeEEquot;>>BS-Fuji Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.8.3)
"Copy right and Patent rule ">>IP2.0 Conference vol.1, moderator(2014.7.29)
"Digital Punk">>Space Shower Network TV, keynote(2014.7.25)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE ?Convenience store、Equot;>>NHK-World Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.7.25)
"Ship">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2014.7.20,8.4)
"Beyond DigitalELifestyle in 2020">>CiP, SALON CiP vol.1, moderator(2014.7.14)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE ?Video Game、Equot;>>NHK-World Moshi Moshi Nippon, talk(2014.7.11)
"Net×Copyright">>CRIC Copyright Symposium2014,Panelist(2014.7.9)
"Growing and Connecting "Cool"">>Shikoku Contents Symposium, Matsuyama, keynote(2014.7.8)
"The future of the content from Shikoku">>Shikoku Contents Symposium, Matsuyama, moderator(2014.7.8)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE EMen's fashionEEquot;>>BS-Fuji,MOSHI-MOSHI NIPPON, talk(2014.7.6)
"Future ICT">>VCCI Council, keynote(2014.7.4)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE EMen's fashionEEquot;>>NHK-World,MOSHI-MOSHI NIPPON, talk(2014.6.27)
"Content leading media age">>CATALYST BA,keynote,talk(2014.6.27)
"What's wrong? Future and Learning">>DiTT Symposium, Panelist(2014.6.26)
"Future of Smart TV">>LDP Broadcasting Subcommittee, keynote(2014.6.26)
「Smart Society」>>Consumer Affairs Agency, Consumer transactions Liaison Meeting, keynote (2014.6.19)
「IP2014」>>Cabinet Secretariat,Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters(2014.6.20)
"ICT Education,from discussion to execution">>ICT Education Symposium , Nagano, keynote(2014.6.16)
"Panel-discussion:ICT Education">>ICT Education Symposium , Nagano, moderator(2014.6.16)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE  ?Uniform?>>BSフジ Moshi Moshi Nippon(2014.6.15)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE  ?Uniform?>>NHK-World Moshi Moshi Nippon(2014.6.13)
"CiP preparatory meeting">>CiP vol.1,keynote(2014.6.9)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE ?Sound?">>NHK-World Moshi Moshi Nippon(2014.6.8)
"New Generation IT Business Evolution">>NTT User Association,Fuuyama, keynote(2014.6.4)
"Smart Society">>IPDC Forum,General meeting, keynote(2014.5.28)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE ESoundEEquot;>>NHK-World Moshi Moshi Nippon(2014.5.23)
"Media Convergence New age">>Kyodo news, keynote(2014.5.22)
"Digital Textbook">>EDIX2014,talk(2014.5.21)
"Future of Smart TV">>The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Report Meeting 2013, keynote(2014.5.19)
"New Biz Model of Japan Broadcasting">>The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Report Meeting 2013, moderator(2014.5.19)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE ?Machine?">>BS Fuji MoshiMoshi Nippon(2014.5.18)
"New and Old Media,Next Step,Kadokawa×Dwango">>Asahi-newspaper,comment(2014.5.15)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE?Toys?">>BS Fuji"Moshi Moshi Nippon", talk(2014.5.11)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE~Machine~>>NHK World MoshiMoshi Nippon(2014.5.9)
"Net、New supply of TV program">>Yomiuri newspaper, comment(2014.5.8)
"What's Cool Japan?">>TV Asahi, Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle, VTR-talk(2014.4.28)
"Yuru Chara">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2014.4.27)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYEEToysE?E/A>>>NHK-WORLD"Moshi Moshi Nippon", talk(2014.4.25)
"Digital Punk">>Japan Federation of Aviation Industry Unions, keynote(2014.4.22)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE?MANGA?”>>BS-Fuji"Moshi Moshi Nippon",talk(2014.4.20)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>ShinEtu-Air Committee, Nagano, keynote(2014.4.17)
"ICHIYA'S POP EYE?MANGA?”>>NHK-WORLD"Moshi Moshi Nippon" , talk(2014.4.11)
"Shinken-seminar, Challenge Touch Opening Ceremony">>talk(2014.3.25)
"Net Communication">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2014.3.23,27)
"Net Communication">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2014.3.23)
Welcome talk>>The 6th Okinawa International Movie Festival, Opening Party, Okinawa(2014.3.21)
"Okinawa Contents Bazaar">>The 6th Okinawa International Movie Festival, Okinawa, Facilitator(2014.3.20)
"Sale for Japan!">>Liberal Democratic Party, CafeSta , talk(2014.3.11)
"AUGMENTED SPORTS SYMPOSIUM">>KMD Forum, panelist(2014.3.1)
"What Social Game Can Do">>JASGA Forum, moderator(2014.2.25)
"Tablet Learning">>Benesse Shinken-Seminar Elementary school booklets, interview(2013.12,2014.2)
"Digital New Year Party 2014">>talk(2014.2.7)
"Personal Broadcast Viewing">>IPDC Forum, moderator(2014.2.5)
"ICT Education">>Young ICT forum, HAKATA,keynote(2014.1.31)
"IZAKAYA">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2014.1.26,27,30,2.6)
"Open the future, the newest education">>Ritsumeikan primary school, Panelist(2014.1.25)
"Anime and overseas strategy of Japan">>AnimeBusiness/Partners Forum(2014.1.15)
"Touch to Digital">>ICPF "Future of Rights Business(2014.1.8)
2013 TOP▲
"Cleaning tools">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2013.12.29.2014.1.9)
"Digital Textbook">>Asahi-newspaper, comment(2013.12.22)
"Cool Japan Local Round Table">>Chairman, Kyoto(2013.12.14)
"Digital Punk">>Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto, lecture(2013.12.13)
"TV Score with Twitter">>Yomiuri Newspaper, comments(2013.12.10)
"Opendata Symposium">>Opendata Consortium, talk(2013.12.9)
"World and Japan ICT in 2045">>CIRIEC vol.28 convention, panelist(2013.12.8)
"Digital Textbook in 2025">>CIRIEC vol.28 convention, panelist(2013.12.7)
"Cool Japan ,Outbound">>"Is that cool?" KMD Polipro Channel, moderator(2013.12.6)
"Hokkaido Digital Contents">>ICT Seminar, Sapporo,keynote,moderator(2013.11.29)
"Is Japan Cool?">>Public and Private Executives Seminar, Zushi,keynote(2013.11.21)
"The world and Japan ICT">>e-learning award2013, keynote(2013.11.22)
"Do you know Pop Japan?">>Experience Japan Exhibition201, London,keynote(2013.11.16)
"Olympic Radio in 2012">>InterBee2013 SCRA×IPDC, talk(2013.11.15)
"ICT education">>Nonpartisan ICT education policy study meeting vol.1, keynote(2013.11.12)
"Digital Punk">>LDP Digital Contents Committee, keynote (2013.11.12)
"Digital textbook revolution2.0">>ICT-education, Asahi-newspaper NIE vol.18, keynote(2013.11.9)
"Tokyo Kawaii Crazy Paris2013">>BS Fuji,interview(2013.11.8)
"Digital Punk">>Niihama-city ICT symposium, keynote(2013.11.8)
"Digital Punk">>Oita-IT human-academy, Institute for HyperNetwork Society, keynote(2013.11.2)
"Digital Punk">>ICT advanced skill-up seminar,Okayama,keynote (2013.10.27)
"IT Convergence × Local = Innovation">>Hiroshima IT Expo2013, Hiroshima, keynote (2013.10.23)
"Anime research and business">>Nikkei newspaper,"Decipher now", report(2013.10.20)
"World Manga-education and Culture symposium">>International Manga festa vol.2, moderator(2013.10.20)
"Digital Punk">>Tokyo-China Culture Center, keynote(2013.10.18)
Fuji-TV "Tokudane!">>talk(2013.10.15)
"Digital Textbook">>Japan Education Newspaper, interview(2013.10.14)
"Cool Japan vol.1, General statement">>"Is that cool" KMD Polipro Chanel, moderator(2013.10.11)
"Net Risk">>NRA Forum2013, moderator(2013.10.10)
"How much companies should take internet risk">>NRA Forum2013, keynote(2013.10.10)
"V-Low Muti Media Broadcast 1day Conference">>CEATEC JAPAN2013, moderetor(2013.10.4)
"Digital Punk">>"MANGA Drama"Convention, Keynote(2013.10.3)
"Answer to Wearable is cosplayer, Gothic & Lolita">>"This is next smartphone", Weekly Diamond, Interview(2013.9.30)
"Open data, Change Society">>Hokuriku-chunichi newspaper,Interview(2013.9.28)
"Change IT Policy">>Japan Economic newspaper,Economic-lesson,report(2013.8.29)
"Welcome to TCKP">>Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris, Paris France, talk(2013.9.22)
"Transfiguration politics, economy, culture by digital media">>Stanford Kyoto Trans-Asian Dialogue, Kyoto, talk(2013.9.13)
"Digital Media and International Relations">>Stanford Kyoto Trans-Asian Dialogue, Kyoto,talk(2013.9.13)
"Digital Punk">>"Japan IT Rebirth", Nikkei-Industry Newspaper Hybrid Forum2013,keynote(2013.9.12)
"Restaurant">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2013.9.12)
"Cooling Down">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2013.7.7,8.29)
"What's Cool Japan?">>"Toward a Global Company", Tokyo JC, keynote(2013.8.27)
"Digital Textbook, Chapter 2">>Education Solution Seminar2013,Nagoya,keynote(2013.8.9)
"Digital Textbook, Chapter 2">>Education Solution Seminar2013,Matsumoto,keynote(2013.8.5)
"Digital Textbook, Chapter 2">>Education Solution Seminar2013,Tokyo,keynote(2013.8.2)
"Digital Education Vision and Problem">>IMETS Forum2013, The Education technology OJT seminar vol.40,keynote(2013.8.2)
"Korea-Japan Contents Collaboration">>Global Korean forum2013,moderator(2013.7.26)
"Digital Punk">>Social Enterprise Conference,keynote(2013.7.26)
"Upper House election overview">>Agora Speech Arena,Nico-Nico Live, talk(2013.7.22)
"Be a Great AHO">>"Hometown of learning",Nikkei Newspaper,interview(2013.7.19)
"Digital Punk">>ICT Seminar, keynote(2013.7.19)
"Business Model of Post Digital TV">>Broadcasting Industry,2013 summer No.204, interview(2013.7.19)
"Cool Japan">>Reuters News, interview(2013.7.18)
"Internet Election Campaign Video Contest Ceremony">>MIC presenter(2013.7.16)
"Panasonic's Smart TV CM refused by broadcasters">>Tokyo News Paper, comment(2013.7.9)
"Let's express in digital media">>NHK "10min.Box", talk(2013.6.28)
"Cool Japan">>NHK Radio1,"Evening News", talk(2013.6.18)
"From Vision to Action!">>DiTT Symposium 2013, panelist(2013.6.17)
"Open data distribution consortium general meeting">>talk(2013.6.13)
"Blind Area of Government's Cool Japan ">>Japan Economic News Paper,comment(2013.6.13)
"Digital Signage Award vol.4">>DSJ2013, Presenter(2013.6.12)
"Digital signage goes to 4K">>DSJ2013, Keynote, dialogue(2013.6.12)
"Multi Screen Broadcasting Study Group, Welcome Prof. Nakamura!">>IMCTOKYO 2013,talk(2013.6.12)
"DSJ2013 Opening Ceremony">>DSJ2013(2013.6.12)
"Why did Japanese IT collapse?">>Agora-channel,talk(2013.6.11)
"Digital Textbook, the 2nd round">>New Education EXPO2013, keynote(2013.6.8)
"why do we need Cool Japan strategy?">>J-WAVE,JAM THE WORLD, talk(2013.5.27)
"Home cooking">>NHK CoolJapan , talk(2013.5.26,27,30)
"IT use policy buildup">>"What's UP? New ICT policy" , Broadband Special Lecture, keynote(2013.5.20)
"Japan economic recovery scenario by ICT">>"What's new administration ICT policy?" , Broadband Special Lecture, Panelist(2013.5.20)
"Classroom After one century">>Tokyo University,May Festival,keynote(2013.5.19)
"Can Digital Textbook Give Higher Score?">>Ichita Nakamura vs Former Deputy Minister of MEXT, SUZUKAN, Suzu-studio! talk (2013.5.18)
"Media Policy">>Contents Business Management School,TCPL,keynote(2013.5.19)
"Weather News">>Weather News, Counsillar(2013.5.16)
"Cool Japan Meeting Vol.3">>comment(2013.4.30)
"Social Society">>Broadcast Internet/Digital Biz WG, keynote,Moderoter(2013.4.26)
"Pop Culture WG-2">>Press Conference(2013.4.25)
"Digital Text">>"Education Contents"Biz model study meeting, Kyoto, keynote(2013.4.22)
"Lolita Parade">>Fuji-TV New Report 2001,comment(2013.4.14)
"Singapore,IT Education State">>NHK-BS World Wave Tonight,commentater(2013.4.10)
"Pop Culture WG-2">>Press Conference(2013.4.9)
"Girls">>NHK Cool Japan , talk(2012.12.9,13,15,2013.3.31)
"Donburi">>NHK Cool Japan (2013.3.17,23)
"Ceremony">>Open Data distribution consortium,panelist, presenter(2013.3.10)
"Kids Creative Summit">>Workshop Collection vol.9,panelist(2013.3.10)
"Events in Social and Smart age">>Event Marketing Conference, panelist(2013.3.7)
"How do you talk with children.">>Information Education Symposium, Panel(2013.3.2)
"DiTT Symposium?Digital Textbook from community">>Theater TV,interview(2013.2.24)
"Social Media Strategy of Multiscreen Age">>Social Media Week, dialogue(2013.2.22)
"Anime and Manga human resources symposium">>report,moderator(2013.2.21)
"ICT in Education">>Osaka Education Center Forum2013,keynote(2013.2.16)
"Digital Education save for Japan?">>Wada Junior high school,Suginami-ku(2013.2.15)
"YouTube becomes TV-station">>FM-Tokyo,Timeline,interview(2013.2.12)
"Japan as a Pop">>Keio University short foreign students program, lecture (2013.2.12)
"Japan is the most creative country! Tokyo is the most creative city"
>>Kinjiro, interview (2013.2.8)
"Digital is from now">>New year party,JTUA,keynote(2013.2.5)
"IPDC Forum study meeting">>talk(2013.1.30)
"Digital New Year Party">>talk(2013.1.23)
"Intellectual Property Policy">>TCPL×KMD" IP Course", keynote(2013.1.12)
2012 TOP▲
"Digital Textbook">>"ICT Lecture", Osaka, keynote(2012.12.26)
"Japan As Pop">>SQUET 2013.1,p7-9,interview(2012.12.25)
"Digital Punk">>Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto, lecture(2012.12.21)
"DiTT Symposium">>talk and panelist(2012.12.19)
"Digital Punk">>Beijing University,Beijing China,lecture(2012.12.13,14)
"TV's future">>INTERFACE No.53, iSiD,talkv(2012.12.12)
"Let's start,ICT study">>Gakken-Gurumi vol.4,2012.12,interview(2012.12.12)
"Digital changes elementary school education">>Challenge 2nd-year-class,2012.11, interview(2012.12.11)
"Multi Media Contents Awards 2012 Ceremony">>judge(2012.12.10)
"Opendata Symposium">>report,panelist(2012.12.10)
"Girls">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2012.12.9,13,15)
"Information accessibility in U.S.A. ">>CIRIEC,Kyoto University,commentator (2012.12.8)
"Kamakura project">>TVK News930,interview (2012.11.30)
"Smart Society">>GSRI,keynote(2012.11.28)
"Smart Society">>Broadband Special Symposium vol.6,keynote,panelist(2012.11.26)
"Media and Digital Technology"
>>Media Synposium ,Nagoya University, keynote,panelist(2012.11.19)
"Opening ceremony">>International Manga Festa, talk(2012.11.18)
"Net Security">>"ICT Education Forum" keynote,panelist(2012.11.12,16)
"IPDC Forum Symposium">>InterBEE2012,keynote(2012.11.16)
"IPDC Forum Showcase Opening Ceremony">>InterBEE2012,tape cut(2012.11.14)
"NRA Forum 2012">>keynote,moderator(2012.11.9)
"JASGA">>Kick off talk(2012.11.8)
"21st Century Digital Pop Punk Kids">>ACE2012,Nepal, keynote(2012.11.4)
"I love KIMONO">>"Men's KIMONO", President, interview(2012.11.1)
"DigitalSignage">>Gifty 2012.10, interview(2012.10)
"DigitalSignage">>PRINT ZOOM 2012.11 vol.2-No,76, interviewE(2012.10)
"Digital Punk">>Kyoto Univ.economics department reunion,keynote(2012.10.27)
"Let's enjoy PC life">>NHK "Baby-boom generation Style", talk(2012.8.3,10,10.26)
"Digital Native">>NHK"Saki-dori?Equot;,talk(2012.10.21)
"Media Convergence and CATV">>CATV Festa 2012,Nagoya,keynote(2012.10.5)
"ICT Award Ceremony 2012"(2012.10.1)
"Anime&Characters for Global Business">>Anime Business partners Forum(2012.9.28)
"Digital Punk">>Tohoku Univ,lecture(2012.9.26)
"New Business of MANGA and Anime From Kyoto">>KYOTO CMEX2012,Kyoto,Dialogue(2012.9.21)
"Smart & Pop Society">>Nikkei Newspaper, World ICT Conference,talk(2012.8.21)
"KARAOKE">>NHK"Cool Japan", talk(2012.8.19,23,25)
"Digital Textbook">>Japan Society of Digital Textbook Symposium,Panelist(2012.8.18)
"Table for creating future">>BS-Fuji "Table of Dreams", talk(2012.8.11,12)
"Digital Textbook">>Hokkaido Education Research institute, Hokkaido,keynote(2012.8.7)
"Social Area/Digitalsignage">>HH News & Reort, interview(2012.8.6)
"Let's enjoy PC life">>NHK "Baby-boom generation Style", talk(2012.8.3,10)
"My Number">>My Number Symposium in Kyoto, keynote, panelist(2012.7.28)
"Open Data distribution consortium">>talk(2012.7.27)
"Digital Textbook">>"Education and Art" July 2012 (2012.7)
Lower house member, Mr.Takashi Takai's Morning Meeting vol.5>>three-way conversation(2012.7.12)
"Digital Textbook">>Proposal to  Minister Junior Minister of Education(2012.7.11)
"Digital Textbook">>PressNet, keynote(2012.7.11)
"Manga">>NHK Cool Japan, tal(2012.5.6,10,12,13,7.1,5)
"Mobile Game">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2012.6.24,28,30)
"Digital Textbook">>New Education Expo 2012, Osaka, keynote(2012.6.22)
"IPDC">>ITE,Institute 4 Electronic, Osaka, keynote(2012.6.22)
"The 4th Media,Digital Signage">>TBS Newsbird,News watch, talk(2012.6.21)
"Digital Punk">>Shozaburo Jimi member of the house of councilors meeting, keynote(2012.6.19)
"Digital Education">>Tokyo MX, interview(2012.6.14)
"Communication Design Summit">>Digital Signage Japan 2012, dialogue (2012.6.14)
"Digital Signage">>Workshop on Web-based Signage,W3C, keynote(2012.6.14)
"Digital Signage Japan Award">>presenter(2012.6.13)
"Digital Signage Japan 2012, Opening Ceremony ">>talk(2012.6.13)
"Digital Punk">>EOkawa Dream Foundation Waseda Univ contribute lecture, lecture(2012.6.12)
"Digital Textbook">>ENew Education Expo 2012, keynote(2012.6.8)
"Smart Home Theater">>Home Theater 2012 summer vol.58(2012.6.8)
"DiTT Symposium">>talk, panelist(2012.6.5)
"Intellectual Property Meeting">>Prime Minister's Office(2012.5.29)
"Beyond Cool Japan">>BA Special Talk vol.17, keynote, moderator(2012.5.28)
"Digital Textbook Revolution">>Edu × Tech Fes2012, keynote(2012.5.27)
"eCloud and Digital Textbook">>School Innovation & Security Fair 2012 , keynote (2012.5.25)
"Digital Textbook">>Time Line TFM, radio show(2012.5.24)
"Local SNS 2.0">>Nikkei Newspaper, Interview(2012.5.18)
"Japan Economic Newspaper Electronic version My use">>Nikkei Newspaper, Interview(2012.5.17)
"Windows 8 for Education">>Education Publisher/ISV Summit, keynote(2012.5.17)
"Digital Textbook">>Education IT Solution Expo vol.3, keynote(2012.5.16)
"Digital Punk">>Japan Foundation, talk(2012.5.16)
"You Go Salon">>talk(2012.5.14)
"New Media Risk Association">>Amusement Journal May 2012, talk(2012.5.7)
"MANGA">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2012.5.6,10,12,13)
"Digital Kids">>NTV"ZIP", Interview(2012.4.25)
"Weather News">>Weather News, Counsilar(2012.4.23)
"KMD">>Nikkei Biz Academy, Interview(2012.4.18)
"FaceBook">>Asahi-newspaper, Interview(2012.4.17)
"Multi Screen Broadcast Committee General meeting and Symposium vol.2">>Panelist(2012.4.15)
"Digital Punk">>Hip Land Music Group Meeting, keynote(2012.4.9)
"SNS">>CIRCUS 2012.5, Interview(2012.4.4)
"Media Convergence ">> "Broadcasting World 2012,Spring", Interview(2012.3.31)
"Possibility of Image Expression in the Multi Device Age">>Okinawa International Film  Festival vol.4, Moderator(2012.3.28)
"Smart Society">>JBA"Broadcasting,Internet and Digital Project",keynote, panelist(2012.3.27)
"SNS">>Sankei-Newspaper,Friday Debate, Interview(2012.3.23)
"Imagination and Expression">> Cabinet Office Wisdom Frontier Committee,Presentation(2012.3.23)
NHK"Smart TV">>talk(2012.3.22,4.8)
"Japanese Smart TV">>Smart TV Committee,Moderator,Panelist(2012.3.19)
"Japan's Contents Policy">>JSAC, Kobe,keynote (2012.3.17)
TVCM"Prof.Ichiya Nakamura talk">>Benesse,CM(2012.3.16)
MIC vice minister, Mr.Kimiaki Matsuzaki's Morning Seminar >>talk (2012.3.9)
"Do Naturally">>Benesse Corporation "Please tell me,Teacher!", Comment(2012.3.8)
"DiTT">>MIC Future School Committee, Talk(2012.3.7)
Lower house member, Mr.Takashi Takai's Morning Meeting vol.4>>talk (2012.2.27)
Work Shop Collection vol.8 in Keio University(2012.2.25-26)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>Otsuka-shokai Solution Fair 2012, Nagoya, Keynote(2012.2.24)
"IT Rebirth Round Table LAST Next Step">>moderator(2012.2.21)
"HATSUNE MIKU">>NHK Good Morning Japan, comment(2012.2.19)
"Ramen">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2011.11.19,26,27,2012.2.18,25,26)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>Otsuka-shokai Solution Fair 2012, Osaka, Keynote(2012.2.16)
"New Media Risk Assosiation">>talk(2012.2.13)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>Otsuka-shokai Solution Fair 2012, Keynote(2012.2.10)
"Future Classroom">>TEDxKids@Tokyo 201(2012.2.7)
"The Change of Japanese Contents Policy">>Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE), UC Berkeley, talk(2012.2.6)
"Trend">>NHK Cool Japan , talk(2012.2.4,11,12)
"Social Learning">>Panelist(2012.1.30)
"NRA,IT literacy">>Nikkei IT-Pro,comment(2012.1.27)
"SNS literacy">>Japan economic newspaper(2012.1.27)
"Smart Society">>Local ICT,Kofu,keynote(2012.1.23)
"IT literacy">>ASAHI-newspaper, comment(2012.1.22)
"New local administration">>Kyoto,talk(2012.1.19)
"IT Rebirth Round Table vol.6 Politics">>moderator(2012.1.17)
"Digital New Year Party">>talk(2012.1.10)
"Age">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2012.1.7,14,15)
"IT is important, positive thinking">>Senden-Kaigi 1 Jan 2012 No.828, colum(2012.1.1)
"IT is important, positive thinking">>Advertimes 1 Jan 2012, colum(2012.1.1)
2011 TOP▲
"People who hot up knowledge">>Discovery Channel, Interview(2011.12.31)
"Digital Textbook" by Munechika Nishida>>Interview(2011.12.25)
"Change Japanese TV Industry?">>NAVIS015, Jan 2012, Interview(2011.12.22)
"Social Running">>Human Resource Education, Jan 2012, Interview(2011.12.20)
"Digital Signage Revolution">>ITU Digital Signage WS, keynote(2011.12.13)
"Beyond Education, Digital comes vol.3">>ASAHI Newspaper,comment (2011.12.11)
"Digital Punk">>Kyoto Industry University, Lecture(2011.12.9)
"Multi Screen Broadcast Committee">>talk(2011.12.7)
"Digital Textbook">>FM NACK5 Sunset SHUTTLE, Interview,(2011.12.6)
”IT Rebirth Round Table vol.5 Volunteer"
"eCloud">>e-Learning Awards 2011, keynote(2011.11.21)
>>NHK Cool Japan talk(2011.11.19,26,27)
"Smart TV">>Smart TV Committee, Panelist(2011.11.17)
You Go Lab Salon>>talk(2011.11.17)
"Smart TV"
>>Smart TV Committee, Panelist(2011.11.17)
"Digital Textbook Three Points"
>>ICPF-Symposium,Panelist (2011.11.16)
"MIC White Space Opening Ceremony"
"SNS">>Keio Jukusei Newspaper, Interview(2011.11.11)
"TPP changes Japanese copyright?">>NicoNico-Broadcast , Panelist(2011.11.11)
"Mobile Phone Junior Summit 2011"
>>KDDI ,Moderator(2011.11.6)
"KMD Entry Session">>Keio University(2011.11.5)
"Contents and ICT New Wave">>KYOTO CMEX2011, Kyoto, Moderator(2011.11.1)
"Digital Kids">>Tokyo Design Touch, talk(2011.10.30)
"IT Rebirth Round Table vol.4 Social">>moderator(2011.10.25)
"Paperless">>Business+IT, Dialogue(2011.10.21)
"Digital Textbook"
>>PNC2011, talk, Bangkok Thai(2011.10.20)
"Digital Textbook">>e-learning and Digital Archive International seminar, Taiwan, talk(2011.10.12)
"Let's output new words!"
>>Shinken Seminar High School Interview(2011.10.6)
"Digital Signage Revolution">>CEATEC2011, keynote(2011.10.5)
"Aquarium">>NHK Cool Japan talk(2011.10.1)
"Future Classroom">>TED×KIDS@Tokyo,talk(2011.10.1)
"Smart TV">>NPO BA,talk,moderator(2011.9.28)
"IT Rebirth Round Table,vol.3 Telacommunication">>moderator(2011.9.27)
>>Business+IT, dialogue(2011.9.25)
"Future of Japanese University"
>>KMD Forum, moderator(2011.9.22)
"KMD Forum">>Press Release(2011.9.22)
"Digital Textbook">>Benesse, talk(2011.9.16)
"Digital Signage Revolution"
>>Risona Lab, talk(2011.9.15)
"Japan as Pop?">>Joshibi University of Art and Design, lecture(2011.9.12)
NHK "IT white box, IT changes learning!?"
"Digital Revolution vol.11"
>>TVK, talk(2011.9.11)
"Ban-kisha">>NTV, talk(2011.9.4)
"Digital Punk"
>>KMD×TCPL"IP Management", lecture(2011.9.4)
"Digital Revolution vol.10">>TVK, talk(2011.9.4)
"Japan as Pop"
>>NPO Asia new winds,keynote(2011.9.3)
"Digital Punk">>KMD×TCPL"IP Management", lecture(2011.9.3)
"How to digital textbook"
>>Shinken-zemi junior school course,interview(2011.9.1)
"Digital Revolution vol.9">>TVK, talk(2011.8.28)
"Digital Revolution vol.8"
>>TVK, talk(2011.8.21)
"IT Rebirth Round Table,vol.2 Media"
"Digital Textbook">>Okayama Junior high school education research conference,Okayama,keynote(2011.8.17)
"Digital Revolution vol.7"
>>TVK, talk(2011.8.14)
"Digital Revolution vol.6"
>>TVK, talk(2011.8.7)
"Toys">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2011.8.6,14)
"Let's enjoy family and friends!">>NHK "Raku-Raku Digital School", talk(2011.7.26,8.2,4)
"Digital Revolution vol.5">>TVK, talk(2011.7.31)
"IT Rebirth Round Table,vol.1 administration">>moderator(2011.7.29)
"Digital Textbook">>DiTT Expo 2011,moderator(2011.7.28)
"Digital Education's Future">>DiTT Expo 2011,moderator(2011.7.28)
"Let's start SNS!">>NHK "Raku-Raku Digital School", talk(2011.7.19,26,28)
"Digital Revolution vol.4">>TVK, talk(2011.7.24)
"Japanese intellectual property strategy">>Intellectual property education symposium,TCPL,keynote(2011.7.23)
"Let's start smart phone!">>NHK "Raku-Raku Digital School", talk(2011.7.12,19,21)
"Digital Revolution vol.3">>TVK, talk(2011.7.18)
"DSJ2011">>Signs&Displays 2011.7,Interview(2011.7)
"Let's start tablet PC!">>NHK "Raku-Raku Digital School", talk(2011.7.5,12,14)
"Digital Revolution vol.2">>TVK, talk(2011.7.3,4)
"Let's enjoy Application!">>NHK "Raku-Raku Digital School", talk(2011.6.28,7.5,7)
"Digital Revolution vol.1">>TVK, talk(2011.7.3,4)
"Let's Try Tablet PC">>NHK "Raku-Raku Digital School", talk(2011.6.21,28,30)
"Digital Punk">>Shikoku-ICT Committee,Matsuyama, keynote(2011.6.20)
"Let's enjoy Digital TV">>NHK "Raku-Raku Digital School", talk(2011.6.14,21,23)
"Last Big Market, China">>BS-Asahi "Now,The World", commentator(2011.6.19)
"Digital TV">>NHK "Raku-Raku Digital School", talk(2011.6.7,14,16)
"Disaster and Power Saving">>Digital Signage Japan 2011,Panel(2011.6.9)
"Radiko">>IMC Tokyo 2011,Moderator,(2011.6.8)
Digital Signage AWARD 2011>>Presenter(2011.6.8)
"Manner">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2011.6.4,12)
Cabinet Secretariat,Intellectual Property Strategy Committee>>Report(2011.6.3)
"Digital Textbook Revolution">>NEW EDUCATION EXPO 2011, keynote(2011.6.2)
"Digital Books and Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarter">>ICPF, keynote(2011.5.24)
"Cool Japan">>BS11"Future Vision",interview(2011.5.21)
"You Go Lab Salon">>talk(2011.5.18)
"Attractive learning tools">>"Smart device">>Impress Japan,Interview(2011.5.13)
"Pop Power evangelist of Japan">>Japan Economic Newspaper , Interview(2011.5.4)
"DiTT Real Talk">>DiTT Presentation,talk(2011.4.25)
"DiTT Vision">>DiTT Presentation,talk(2011.4.25)
"Japan Media Contents Vision">>Katarist BA Opening Ceremony, keynote(2011.4.25)
"Policy Project">>KMD Crush course, talk(2011.4.18)
"[Schooly]event for a new product">>talkshow,talk(2011.4.15)
"This is IT" vol.20 "Mr.Tomotaka Nakagawa">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.4.14)
"IT Rebirth Round Table">>moderator(2011.4.13)
"Takeo city My library Opening ceremony">>talk(2011.4.13)
"Horipro find a job lesson">>talk,moderator(2011.4.11)
"This is IT" vol.19 "Mr.Kiyoyuki Tsujimura">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.4.7)
"Grade Economic Society Toshio Okada, Takafumi Horie and Ichiya Nakamura">>talkshow,moderator (2011.4.5)
IPDC Forum General Meeting>>talk, moderator(2011.4.4)
IPDC Forum General Meeting>>talk,moderator(2011.3.31)
"This is IT" vol.17 "Mr.Katsuyuki To">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.3.31)
DiTT General Meeting>>talk(2011.3.28)
"Let's enjoy photo movie!-2">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk(2011.3.22,29)
"Let's enjoy photo movie!-1">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk(2011.3.22,27)
"Road to media creator">>Okinawa International Movie Festival,moderator(2011.3.26)
"This is IT" vol.17 "Dr.Tomoyuki Sugiyama">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.3.24)
"Japanese Culture and Media Art">>Agency for Cultural Affairs, Moderator(2011.3.21)
"Bell ring foundation"
>>Horipro,TOHOKU-Pacific Disaster Foundation(2011.3.18)
"This is IT" vol.16 "Mr.Masakazu Kobayashi">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.3.17)
Top Conference Ⅱ "Mobile and Human future">>Mobile International forum vol.10, Kyoto, Moderator(2011.3.17)
AMIO "Broadcasting × E-publishing future generation network model">>Mobile International forum vol.10, Kyoto, Moderator(2011.3.17)
Ubiquitous special area summit"local mobile service plan and use">>Mobile International forum vol.10, Kyoto, Moderator(2011.3.16)
JP Holdings.Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd listing>>(2011.3.11)
"Digital Signage Revolution ">>Retail Tech JAPAN 2011 ,keynote(2011.3.10)
"This is IT" vol.14 "Mr.Haiteng Chen">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.3.10)
"Let's make Karaoke movie!-2">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk(2011.3.8,15)
"The way to Digital Text">>"ICT Education propulsion forum",panelist(2011.3.5)
"Japan Digital Contents now and future">>Digital Government,interview(2011.3.4)
"This is IT" vol.14 "Mr.Akira Ota">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.3.3)
"Let's make Karaoke movie!">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk(2011.3.1,8)
"Workshop Collection vol.7">>Keio University(2011.2.26,27)
"Digital Textbook Future">>NicoNico Broadcast"MIAU Presents Internet Compass vol.10", talk(2011.2.25)
"Let's make slide show!">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk(2011.2.22,3.1)
"This is IT" vol.13 "Mr.Kenji Kasahara">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.2.24)
"Digital Text Revolution">>Digital Text Committee03 in Nagoya, keynote(2011.2.19)
"Let's make CD label!">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk (2011.2011.2.15,22)
"This is IT" vol.12 "Mr.Toshinao Sasaki">>Radio Nikkei, talk (2011.2.17)
"Flowers">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2011.2.12,16)
"Let's make calender!">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk (2011.1.25,2.1)
"This is IT" vol.11 "Mr.Takeshi Natsuno">>Radio Nikkei, talk (2011.2.10)
"Pop Power"
>>TBS Radio"Weekly Digitalian",talk(2011.2.5)
"Let's get picture!">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk(2011.2.1,2.8)
"This is IT" vol.10 "Mr.Tsuguhiko Kadokawa">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.2.3)
"Let's download digital photo!">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk(2011.1.25,2.1)
"This is IT" vol.9 "Japan as Pop Power-2">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.1.27)
"Media Convergence 2.0">>IPDC Forum symposium ,talk, moderator (2011.1.27)
"Let's buy music from Website!">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk(2011.1.18,25 )
Movie"The Longest Summer in Japan">>DVD,actor(2011.1.21)
"This is IT" vol.8 "Japan as Pop Power">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.1.20)
"What's DigitalSingnage?"-2>>NTT West, Interview (2011.1.17)
"What's DigitalSingnage?"-1>>NTT West, Interview(2011.1.17)
"Let's make original CD!">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk(2011.1.11,18 )
"This is IT" vol.7 "Media Convergence">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.1.13)
"DigitalSingnage Strategy">>KISA, keynote(2011.1.13)
"let's retrieve music!">>NHK "Raku-Raku PC School" ,talk(2011.1.4,11)
"This is IT" vol.6 "Media Convergence-2">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2011.1.6)
"International Competitive Power">>AdverTimes, Interview(2011.1.5)
2010 TOP▲
"This is IT" vol.5 "Media Convergence-1">>Radio Nikkei, talk (2010.12.30)
"K-POP">>Tokyo Newspaper, Interview(2010.12.28)
Symposium "Digital character and type culture">>Nikkei Newspaper,Talk(2010.12.27)
"This is IT" vol.4 "Digital Signage-2">>Radio Nikkei, talk (2010.12.23)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>Koushi-kai,talk(2010.12.20)
"Ubiquitous for Contents Market Platform">>TRONSHOW2011,keynote,Panelist (2010.12.17)
Ichiya Nakamura "This is IT" vol.3 "Digital Signage">>Radio Nikkei, talk (2010.12.16)
"Digital Textbook Revolution">>Nikkei New Media Seminar,keynote (2010.12.15)
"Boy Friends/Girl Friends">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2010.12.11)
"Boyfriends/Girlfriends">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2010.12.11)
"Be-Real">>KMD Forum 2010,Panel,moderator(2010.12.10)
"Policy Project">>KMD Forum 2010,keynote(2010.12.10)
"Media Convergence new evolution">>ITU-Club,keynote(2010.12.10)
Ichiya Nakamura "This is IT" vol.2 "Digital Text"
>>Radio Nikkei, talk(2010.12.9)
"Language">>NHK Cool Japan, talk(2010.12.4,8)
"Digital Signage Strategy">>JSPS, Optical network system technology no.171 committee, keynote(2010.12.7)
"Digital age,characters and type culture">>Characters Culture Promotion Organization,moderator(2010.12.6)
Ichiya Nakamura "This is IT" vol.1 "Digital Text">>Radio Nikkei, talk(2010.12.2)
"DiTT">>Nikkei New Media, interview(2010.11.30)
"Pop Power Project-Japanese Pop Cluture in the Digital Age-">>VSJF Annual Conference 2010,Frankfurt Germany(2010.11.25)
"Digital and Education-2">>J-wave Sunday Library, talk(2010.11.21)
"Digital Education">>Digital Archive Lab,panelist(2010.11.20)
NHK Close up modern times"K-pop">>talk(2010.11.16)
"Digital Signage">>New weekly fujiTV notice, comment(2010.10.30)
"Net Power">Japan Economic Industry Newspaper, interview(2010.10.27)
"Digital Textbook Revolution">>Future Image and Information Forum 2010,keynote(2010.10.26)
"Social Network" Movie & Talk show>>Keio University,moderator(2010.10.25)
"Digital Signage Strategy">>Premium Incentive Show 2010, keynote (2010.10.21)
"Analog millennium,Digital millennium">>Science Culture,keynote (2010.10.15)
"Digital Textbook">>NHK Biz Sports wide, talk(2010.10.15)
"Galapagos to the world">>DC Expo2010,moderator(2010.10.15)
"Digital and Education-1">>J-wave Sunday Library, tal(2010.10.14)
"What's Digital Text?">>Nikkei Newspaper PLUS1, comment (2010.10.14)
"Digital Education? Soichiro Tawara vs Ichiya Nakamura">WEBRONZA Special Dialogue, Talk(2010.10.14)
"School">>NHK Cool Japan,talk (2010.10.16,20,25)
"No.1 Digital Signage">>>SnakeiBiz 13th oct.2010, Interview (2010.10.13)
"Digital Textbook Revolution">>interview(2010.10.12)
"Digital Textbook Revolution">>interview(2010.10.12)
"Digital Textbook">>Amusement Journal Nov.2011, interview(2010.10.11)
"Digital Textbook changes Japanese education">>Dr. Satoru Matsubara DIGITAL SPACE"Beyond Japan" ,Interview(2010.10.8)
"Japanese Media Contents for 10 years">>Biz-Model Society, keynote(2010.10.2)
"Digital Textbook Revolution">>Yorimichikai, keynote(2010.9.27)
"Digital Textbook">>BBA,keynote(2010.9.27)
"Digital Textbook">>Tokyo Books"Classroom Windows",2010.9 vol.13,talk (2010.9.27)
"Digital Signage">>Nikkei Business Associe 2010.10.5, comment (2010.9.27)
"Digital Textbook">>Nikkei New Media 2010.9.20, interview(2010.9.27)
"Digital Textbook Revolution">>NEW EDUCATION EXPO 2010,keynote(2010.9.23)
"Stage">>NHK Cool Japan,talk(2010.9.18,22)
"Degital Textbook">>Nikkei Electronics 20th Sep.2010,Comment(2010.9.20)
"Keio University Graduate Ceremony in Sep.2010">>speech(2010.9.17)
"Can I Dada More ?">>KMD Graduation symposium, Moderator (2010.9.17)
"You Go Lab Salon">>talk(2010.9.15)
"AMIO Forum general meeting>>talk(2010.9.14)
"Digital Textbook">>ABC Radio"Good Morning personality,Mr.Yozo Dogami",interview (2010.9.9)
"Digital Text">>Electonic Paper Consortium, keynote(2010.9.7)
"Education and Digital Technology in 2020 ?>>Benesse"C" no.59 Sep.2010, Dialogue (2010.9.6)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>Chugoku Economic Association, Hiroshima, Keynote(2010.9.1)
Ditt>>Tokyo-IT newspaper, comment(2010.8.24)
"Mobile phone Junior Summit 2010">>KDDI, Keynote,Moderator(2010.8.21)
NHK"Convenience stores">>Cool Japan,talk(2010.8.14,23)
Movie"Japanese Longest Summer">>actor(2010.8.7)
AMIO Forum 2nd Establishment Preparation Meeting>>talk(2010.8.3)
"Media Convergence">>Liberal Democratic Party"ICT Seminar",keynote(2010.8.2)
NHK"Japanese Longest Summer">>actor(2010.7.31)
NHK "Talk about experience of the war">>interview(2010.7.11,25,31)
"Digital Textbook and Teaching Consortium">>moderator(2010.7.27)
"Media Convergence">>MRI Seminar,keynote(2010.7.26)
"Digital Signage">>Printing Newspaper, Interview(2010.7.22)
NHK "talk about experience of the war">>interview(2010.7.11,25)
"Digital Punk">>CSK Systems Seminar"Media Convergence",keynote (2010.7.20)
NHK"Noodles">>Cool Japan,talk(2010.7.17,21)
"Digital Signage">>Asahi Newspaper, interview(2010.7.18)
You Go Lab Party>>talk(2010.7.16)
"radiko">>NHK Radio center,keynote(2010.7.15)
NHK "Japan longest summer">>interview(2010.7.12)
"100 plays with iPad">>Technology-critical co.,ltd. ,p.84-p.92, interview(2010.7.9)
"ICT Haraguchi Vision">>Gyosei, p.103-p.120, interview(2010.7.2)
"Media Convergence and Radio">>Communication Seminar 2010,Nagoya, keynote(2010.6.28)
"Digital Signage">>CATV2010, keynote(2010.6.25)
"Media Convergence">>Hyogo New Media Counsil,keynote(2010.6.21)
"Digital Signage">>IEICE,Osaka,keynote(2010.6.18)
"Radio for Media Convergense age">>"White Space and Community Forum, Nagoya,Keynote (2010.6.17)
"Digital Punk">>Taisho-University, Lecture(2010.6.15)
"Japan As Pop">>Ministry of Finance Japan, Keynote(2010.6.14)
"IP radio : radiko.jp">>IMC Tokyo 2010, Moderator(2010.6.10)
"Internet and Digital Signage">>DSJ2010, Keynote(2010.6.9)
"Digital Signage Award">>DSJ2010, Talk(2010.6.9)
"Good Net Comittee General Assembly">>Moderator(2010.6.8)
"Digital Signage">>TBS "Moring-Zuba", Comment(2010.6.8)
"Digital Signage">>TBS "News 23", Comment(2010.6.7)
"Digital Signage">>TBS "N-St", Comment(2010.6.7)
"ICT Policy 8 plan">>Keio University,Panelist(2010.6.1)
"Media Convergense 3.0">>ELN,Keynote(2010.5.29)
"Digital Textbook and Teaching">>"DiTT", Moderator,Talk(2010.5.27)
"Digital Signage">>Modern Business Media School(2010.5.26)
"DiTT">>MEXT "Communication Education Forum",Talk(2010.5.26)
"Digital Punk">>Kyoto Industry University, Lecture(2010.5.25)
"Contents Committee Report">>Intellectual Property Headquarter(2010.5.21)
"ICT Policy 8 plan">>House of Representatives,Talk(2010.5.20)
"Internet broadcasting">>NHK"Good mornig Japan", Talk(2010.5.19)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>KAIST Symposium, Korea, talk(2010.4.30)
You Go Lab SALON>>talk(2010.4.27)
"let's Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting">>Benesse Co.,Ltd., talk (2010.4.26)
"Red Flower">>NHK "My one book, Japanese hundred books",talk (2010.4.25)
"Fiber-optic bastion">>MIC "ICT Forum",Presentation(2010.4.23)
"Digital Text">>Mext "School ICT Committee",Presentation(2010.4.22)
"Media Convergence 3.0">> KICCS,Osaka, Talk(2010.4.21)
NHK "Digital TV Life"
>> Talk(2010.4.18)
"Digital Signage">>Fuji TV Mezamashi-TV,Talk(2010.4.16)
"Theme and Possibility of E-books ">>Keio Univ Platform Design Lab,Panelist(2010.4.13)
"Digital Signage for Advertiser">>Digital Signage Consortium Committee,Moderator (2010.4.13)
"Future Digital Signage">>M&D Report,April 2010,Talk(2010.4.8)
"Future Radio">>Good Press,May 2010,Interview(2010.4.6)
"Contents Committee Report"
>>Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarter(2010.3.30)
"World Wide Laugh">>Okinawa International Movie Festival vol.2, Jury president, Okinawa(2010.3.26-27)
"Future Broadcasting">>"Future Broadcasting and Legal Committee", NAB, Panelist(2010.3.24)
"Fukuoka Ubiquitous Special Zone">>Fukuoka(2010.3.18-19)
"Tomorrow of Mobile phone">>International Mobile Communication Forum vol.9, Top Canfarence Ⅱ ,Kyoto,moderator(2010.3.17)
"Ubiquitous Sightseeing">>International Mobile Communication Forum vol.9,Ubiquitous Special Area Summit,Kyoto,moderator (2010.3.17)
"Mobile Communication and Future">>International Mobile Communication Forum vol.9,Keynote Session,Kyoto,moderator(2010.3.16)
"Book">>NHK Cool Japan (2010.3.9,14,15)
"Love Cub 50" Yahoo! auctions exhibition (2010.3)
"IP Radio">>Tokyo FM , Interview(2010.3.10)
"Digital Signage">>Digital Signage Consortium,talk(2010.3.10)
"Digital Signage">>Retail Tech JAPAN 2010,keynote(2010.3.10)
"Digital Signage">>CX Mezamashi-TV, Interview(2010.3.4)
"IPDC at White Space">>IPDC Forum Symposium,Moderator (2010.3.3)
IPDC Forum Symposium>>opening remarcs(2010.3.3)
"AMIO Forum vol.4">>opening remarcs(2010.3.2)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>NHK Legal Committee, Talk (2010.3.1)
"White Space">>MIC International Symposium, Panel(2010.3.1)
Work Shop Collection vol,6 in Keio University(2010.2.27-28)
AMD Information Association>>Lecture(2010.2.26)
"IP Simulcasting Radio">>Nikkei Business On-Line NO.933, Interview (2010.2.26)
"Digital Signage">>City planning Seminar,e-ToyakaConsortium,Toyama ,Keynote,Panelist(2010.2.22)
Intellectual Property HQ "Contents WG"(2010.2.15)
Intellectual Property HQ "Competing Power & Standardization WG"(2010.2.15)
"Net World">>NHK-Education "Nearby Raising Children", Talk(2010.2.6)
"Political decision is needed for realization">> Nikkei communication 1,Feb 2010, Interview(2010.1.29)
NHK "New Age TV"
>> NHK-BS1, talk(2010.1.24)
"You Go Lab 2010 New Year Party">>talk(2010.1.22)
"Digital Signage Strategy">> Japan Shopping Center Organization, Talk (2010.1.22)
"Next Age Media">> Keio Jukusei-Neswpaper, Interview (2010.1.8)
"Friends">> NHK cool japan, talk (2010.1.7)
"O-Japan strategy">>Tokyo MX-TV, talk(2010.1.2)
2009 TOP▲
"The People">>NTV News24"Daily Planet", talk(2009.12.24,26,29)
"Hero">>NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2009.12.15,19)
"International public broadcasting conference">>Kyoto, Moderator (2009.12.8)
"AMIO Forum">>Bunkatsushin,7/12/2009(2009.12.7)
>>NHK Cool Japan ,Talk(2009.12.1,5)
"Future Motion 2009">>Tokyo MX TV, Interview(2009.11.28)
"Digital Signage Revolution">>Future Motion, modelator(2009.11.28)
"NTT re-edit?">>ICT Revolution vol.3,Panelist(2009.11.26)
"Internet Aged Weather News">>Wether News, Panelist(2009.11.20)
"Japanese FCC?">>ICT Revolution vol.2,Panelist(2009.11.19)
"Internet Business Model and Copyright System">>JASRAC Symposium 2009, Moderator(2009.11.19)
"Digital Signage,hope and problem">>Top Promotion,Dec.2009.No.140,Interview(2009.11.12)
"Digital Signage Revolution">> ABC Kansai-Forum 2009,talk(2009.11.11)
"Possibility of communication by Digital Signage"LIN×K Oct.2009.vol.1, K-Opticom,Interview(2009.11.10)
"Media Convergense 3.0">>Media Ichokai, talk(2009.11.9)
"AMIO Forum vol.1">>talk(2009.11.9)
"Self Introduction">>KMD Media Design VIDEO, Interview(2009.11.6)
"Digital Signage">>KMD Media Design VIDEO, Interview(2009.11.6)
"Now KMD">>KMD Media Design VIDEO, Interview(2009.11.6)
"Policy">>KMD Media Design VIDEO, Interview(2009.11.6)
"Child Raising">> NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2009.10.27,31,11.2)
"Digital Signage">>Japan Information Industry Newspaper,2 Nov.2009 Vol.2027(2009.11.2)
"Pop Culture">>On The Way Journal,JFN,Interview(2009.10.31,11.1)
"Child Raising">> NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2009.10.28,31)
"About National Media Arts Center">>MAF2009 symposium,Hamamatsu,Panelist(2009.10.31)
"Radio Auction">>ICT Revolution vol.1,Panelist(2009.10.29)
"Digital Signage">>On The Way Journal,JFN,Interview(2009.10.24,25)
"Pop Power">> Monthly Business Ascii,Dec.2009, Interview(2009.10.24)
"Japan Contents goes along with Digital">>AKIHABARA Entertainment Festival 2009,Talk,Panel(2009.10.22)
"Media Convergence">>On The Way Journal,JFN,Interview(2009.10.17,18)
"Multimedia broadcasting services">>CEATEC,Keynote,Panelist(2009.10.7)
"Digital Signage Headline">>Mitsubishi UFJ Securities, Talk(2009.10.5)
"Gals">>NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2009.9.15,19)
"10 points for the success of Digital Signage">>Ascii-Lab Seminar, Panelist(2009.9.18)
"Vimpire 30th Anniversary Live">>Ikebukuro,chop(2009.9.12)
"Power of Pop Culture">>"Summer Davos" in Asia,World Economic Forum, Dalian, Talk (2009.9.11)
"Contents Association, Networking Party">>Talk(2009.9.4)
"Digital Signage Revolution">>Nikkei-Digital Core Talk (2009.9.2)
"Media Convergense Expand Advertising Market">>"Senden Kaigi" 1 SEP 2009 EEo.772EE Interview(2009.9.1)
"You Go Lab general meeting & Salon">>talk(2009.8.31)
"Mr.Takashi Takai at Election for House of Representatives of Okayama">>Speech(2009.8.31)
"In testing times, samurai craze sweeps Japan" >> AFP News, INterview(2009.8.28)
"JAPAN EXPO 2009 Video Watch & Discussion">>ASCII-Lab, Panelist(2009.8.28)
"Digital Signage Possibility">>Tokyo IT Newspaper, Interview(2009.8.25)
"Mr.Takashi Takai at Election for House of Representatives of Okayama">>Speech(2009.8.24)
"More Good Net in Osaka">>Kids workshop(2009.8.22,23)
"Media Convergense Review">>SSK21, Moderetor(2009.8.21)
"Beyond 2012, ICT Change">>G-TREND vol.2, talk(2009.8.20)
"Mr.Tsuneo Sakai at Election for Mayer of Joyo City">>Speech(2009.8.20)
"Possibility of communication by Digitalsignage">>NIKKEI-NET/K-Opticom, Interview(2009.8.10)
"Vimpire 30th Anniversary Live">>Kyoto, Juttoku(2009.8.8)
"Digitalsignage">>I.m.press vol.159, Interview(2009.8.3)
"Car">> NHK Cool Japan, Talk(2009.8.1)
"Weather News">>Talk(2009.7.31)
"Digitalsignage">>JCTA, Talk(2009.7.22)
"Media Convergence3.0,Convergence Legal System2.0?E/A>>>Telecom Chance Forum, Osaka, Talk(2009.7.17)
"Digitalsignage">>KyodoNews Seminar,Talk(2009.7.16)
"Digitalsinage Possibility">>"Satelite & CableTV July,2009",Interview(2009.7.13)
"Local Information and Contents">>Kansai CAN Forum, Osaka, Talk(2009.7.7)
"Media Convergense and Local Information">>Local Information Seminar, Talk(2009.7.2)
"IPDC Forum Organization Meeting">>Talk(2009.6.30)
"Mottainai Part2">>NHK CoolJapan Talk(2009.6.23,28)
"JP Holdings co.,ltd. General meeting of shareholders"(2009.6.26)
"Love Cub 50">>Press conference(2009.6.25)
"Space Shower Networks co.,ltd. General meeting of shareholders"(2009.6.23)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>Next Generation Mobile in Kansai,Osaka, Talk(2009.6.19)
"Use bugdet for OTAKU & Creator">>Finamcial JAPAN August 2009, Interview(2009.6.19)
"Japan As Pop">>Ministry of Finance Japan, Talk(2009.6.18)
"mixi co.,ltd. General meeting of shareholders"(2009.6.18)
"Digital Signage Consortium General meeting of shareholders"(2009.6.17)
"CATV Challemges and Solutions">>B-maga June 2009, Interview(2009.6.16)
"Copyright Debate">>Nikkei Newspaper "Reading Now"(2009.6.14)
"Future of Communication Design">>ASCII-LAB,Talk Session(2009.6.11)
"Net Safty and Filtering">>INTEROP,moderator(2009.6.11)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>INTEROP,NTT-Communication,talk(2009.6.11)
"Digital Signage and creation of urban market">>DSJ2009,moderator(2009.6.11)
"DIGITALSIGNAGE PREAWARD2009">>DSJ2009,talk(2009.6.10)
"DSJ2009">>Opening Seremony(2009.6.10)
"DSC Activity Report 2009">>DSC,Press Conferense,talk(2009.6.8)
"Media Convergence3.0">>Tokyo University, talk(2009.6.4)
"Safer Internet Environment for Children">>,ITU-MIC, Panel(2009.6.2)
"ICT Digital Workshop">>Suko ICT Fair (2009.5.30)
"Red Flower">>NHK "My one book, Japanese hundred books",talk(2009.5.24)
"Cars">>NHK Cool Japan (2009.5.19,23)
"Media Convergense3.0">>A.D.K, talk(2009.4.27)
"Takashi Takai support party"
"Social&Economic impact of Digital Signage">>IIEEJ, talk(2009.4.16)
"Potential 20 trillion yen content market">>TCPL, talk(2009.4.14)
"Keio Media Design guidance">>Hiyoshi campus(2009.4.11)
"Mottainai 2">>NHK CoolJapan, talk(2009.3.18,29)
"Movie 10 years after">>KMD Future Motion2009, Panelist (2009.3.28)
"Digital Signage">>Kyodo News seminar, talk(2009.3.26)
"Digital School Bag">>TCA, talk(2009.3.26)
"Media Convergence3.0">>5 Newspaper Muiti Media meeting, talk(2009.3.25)
"AMD Aword">>AMD, presentor(2009.3.24)
"View the digital age">>CATV management seminar, talk(2009.3.24)
"Media Convergence">>NHK Radio "Sunday Morning No.1"(2009.3.22)
"Broadcasting & Video Contents">>Ascii-Lab symposium, Moderator(2009.3.19)
"Total Disccusion">>"International Mobile Communication Forum vol.8", Moderator(2009.3.12)
"Light & Shadow by Mobile phone">>"International Mobile Communication Forum vol.8", Moderator(2009.3.11)
"Ubiquitas Special Area Sammit">>"International Mobile Communication Forum vol.8", Moderator(2009.3.11)
>>Keio University DMC Last Symposium(2009.3.6)
"Digital Industry">>Keio University, Osaka (2009.3.4)
"Digital Signage in new radio age">>Broadband Wireless Seminar, Hiroshima(2009.2.12)
"Manga">>NHK Cool Japan(2009.2.4,6,8)
"TCPL 2009 Curriculum">>TCPL, Panel(2009.2.7)
"Digital signage">>Data Vision 2009, Talk(2009.2.6)
"Digital signage consortium lecture vol.18"(2009.2.4)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>D@TA Center Partner Program, Talk(2009.2.3)
"DIPP Last Symposium"Keio University DMC(2009.2.2)
" Digital Network IP policy">>NHK Rights Archive CenterSymposium(2009.1.30)
"Leading communications policy(Second)">> Nikkei Communication,Interview (2009.1.29)
"Leading communications policy (First)">> Nikkei Communication,Interview (2009.1.28)
"Instant">>NHK Cool Japan talk(2009.1.21,.25)
"You Go Lab">> SALON vol.4 (2009.1.23)
"Media Regulation">> NTT/GLOCOM, talk (2009.1.20)
"Digital Signage Today and Tomorrow">>Multimedia Promotion Forum (2009.1.16)
"Digital signage">>Nikkei Economic news-paper (2009.1.9)
2008 TOP▲
"23 books for the winter vacation">>Nikkei Net(2008.12.29)
"Your first dream in 2009"
>>>Nikkei Net(2008.12.26)
"Mobile Keywords in 2009"
>>Nikkei Net(2008.12.25)
"IT Best10 in 2008">>Nikkei Net(2008.12.24)
"Innovative marketing on open mobile">>Nikkei Net Marketing Seminar, moderator(2008.12.17)
"Leading communications policy">> Nikkei Communication, Interview (2008.12.15)
"Ubiquitous special area meeting vol.1">>moderator(2008.12.10)
"Harmful mobile web for children ">> Sankei newspaper, Interview (2008.12.5)
"Workshop Collection">>Keio"OPEN"(2007.12)
>> Digital Signage Consortium, Mita(2008.12.3)
Keio Media Design guidance>>Hiyoshi campus(2008.11.29)
"Sightseeing">>NHK Cool Japan (2008.11.12,16)
"You Go Lab" SALON vol.3(2008.11.6)
"Future Information and Communication ">>ICF 20th anniversary symposium ,moderator(2008.11.5)
"Media Convergence,Copy Right">>International Communication Forum ,JSCR(2008.11)
"Red Flower">>NHK "My one book, Japanese hundred books"(2008.10.31,11.1)
"Instant">> NHK"Cool Japan"(2008.10.29)
"Red Flower">>NHK "My one book, Japanese hundred books",talk(2008.10.31)
"Digital Signage Japan 2009">>"Digital Communication Week"(2008.10.27)
"Web is BOSATSU" with Mr.Yoshiaki Fukami>>talkshow(2008.10.27)
"Digital Knowlegde, 21C Social System">>Keio DMC, moderator(2008.10.24)
"Digital Punk">>Contents Business Salon vol.1, Kawasaki-city,Talk(2008.10.23)
"Japan Pop Power">>Fashion Color Seminar vol.80, Osaka, Talk(2008.10.22)
"Media Convergence">>Korea Contents Business Session, Talk(2008.10.21)
"Web is BOSATSU" with Mr.Yoshiaki Fukami>>talkshow(2008.10.20)
"NHK next management plan">>NHK "Three Eggs", Interview(2008.10.19)
" Information security regulation">>Nikkei newspaper(2008.10.17)
"Japan as A Pop">>JAM2008, Talk, Moderator(2008.10.16)
"Web is BOSATSU"with Mr.Yoshiaki Fukami>>talkshow(2008.10.14)
"Workshop Collection 2008"(2008.10.12-13)
"Contents Association Kickoff">>talk, panelist(2008.10.11)
"Net Safety Consortium">>Facilitator(2008.10.8)
"Contents Industry of the future">>Bloomburg, interview(2008.10.7,11)
"Web is BOSATSU"with Mr.Yoshiaki Fukami>>talkshow(2008.10.6)
"Toys">>NHK cool japan, talk(2008.10.1.3)
"International ICT Symposium-Ubiquitous special area showcase">>CEATEC JAPAN2008, talk,moderaor(2008.10.3)
"Internet Safety">>Nikkei BP net on Yahoo News, Interview(2008.10.2)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>NTT-Lab, Lecture, Talk(2008.9.29)
"Contents Market">> MIC Digital Content WG , Presentation(2008.9.26)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>IT Policy Lecture, Tokyo(2008.9.19)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>Kansai Economic Federation, Talk(2008.9.17)
Degital Signage Consortium General Meeting
You Go Lab General Meeting vol2(2008.8.29)
"Contents for local activation">>Intellectual Property Symposium, Hiroshima, Talk(2008.8.27)
"Contents creation and use">>Intellectual Property Symposium, Hiroshima, Talk(2008.8.27)
"Keio University Graduate School of Media Design">>Osaka(2008.8.26)
"Media Convergence3.0">>Broadcasting Culture, Autumn 2008,Interview(2008.8.23)
"30 years reunion">>Koyusyo,Nikkei-newspaper(2008.8.23)
"Memory of Noboribetsu">>NOBORIBETSU, HOKKAIDO, talk(2008.8.22)
"Digital TV Business">>NTV-news,Planet VIEWS, talk(2008.8.20)
"Web is BOSATSU" with Mr.Yoshiaki Fukami>>NTT-pub,talk(2008.8.11)
"Content distribution policy">>Nikkei DigitalCore Forum, Panel(2008.8.7)
"Summer">>NHK cool japan, talk(2008.7.31,8.3)
"Digital media policy">>Keio University , Interview(2008.7.25)
" Ad's possibility in Media Convergence">>Yokohama EIZONE2008,moderator(2008.7.28)
"Media convergence and Information Communication Law ">>Wireless Japan2008,talk(2008.7.24)
"Media Convergence">> IBM media seminar, talk (2008.7.23)
"Education is important for using net">>Nikkei Newspaper"Gallery"(2008.7.21)
"Friends">> NHK cool japan talk (2008.7.19)
"Would Nagoya like to be a digital city?">>SannomaruClub, Nagoya(2008.7.18)
"Mobile contents & Platform development">>Contents Policy Forum, panel(2008.7.17)
I-ROI Kick off Symposium>>I-ROI, talk(2008.7.17)
"Kyoto Ubiquitous Special Area Seminar">>Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21, Kyoto(2008.7.14)
"Keio University Graduate School of Media Design">>Mita(2008.7.12)
"DTV is coming">>Tokyo Research Center of consumer life,moderator(2008.7.9)
"Dubbing 10">>NHK Radio, interview(2008.7.8)
"NTV"Prime Minister, Hikaru Ohta・・・Secretary Tanaka">>talk"(2008.7.4)
"JP Holdings co.,ltd. General meeting of shareholders"
" Strange process of the dubbing 10">>Nikkei-Net(2008.6.26)
"Spaceshowernerwork co.,ltd General meeting of shareholders"(2008.6.24)
NTV "ANAPARA">>commentator(2008.6.23)
"Japan Cable TV&Communication Show 2008">>ceremony, Presentor(2008.6.19)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>Jupiter TV,Talk(2008.6.18)
"Media Convergence and Information Communication Law">>JSICR,Talk(2008.6.15)
"Beyond 25 years, Global Media">>JSICR, Panel(2008.6.14)
"Weathernews">>talkEE008.6.12EEBR> "Future of Digital Signage">>IMC TOKYO 2008, Talk(2008.6.11)
"Information security regulation law">>The Upper House, Cabinet Committee(2008.6.10)
"Information security regulation law">>Mainichi newspaper,Interview(2008.6.10)
"The future of NGN and Ubiquitous Society">>Denkei newspaper, Talk(2008.6.9)
NHK-BS2"Total digital age">>NHK Symposium, Panel(2008.6.7)
"You Go Lab Opening Party" (2008.6.6)
"The real picture of Japanese pop culture ">>TKC ,interview(2008.6.2)
"The current situation and activation of entertainment"
>>ELN, panel(2008.5.31)
"Media convergence and Information Communication Law ">>NEC, talk(2008.5.30)
"Media convergence and Information Communication Law ">>Nikkei New Media, talk(2008.5.28)
"What's Dubbing 10"
>>SBS Radio, interview(2008.5.20)
"Telecom industry has to put cost on contents">>IT Pro,column(2008.5.19)
"Media Convergence 3.0">>Broadband Special Talk   (2008.5.19)
"Friends">> NHK cool japan   talk (2008.5.14,18)
"New business generated in ubiquitous special zone ">>SSK21, moderator (2008.5.12)
"Internet harmful information regulation">>J-WAVE Good Morning Tokyo (2008.5.5)
"What's digital terrestrial broadcasting?">>Tokyo Life Net May/2008(2008.5.2)
”Illegal and harmful sites PT">>The Democratic party of Japan, talk(2008.4.30)
"Takashi Takai support party">>panel, comment(2008.4.29)
"Internet Society's Trap">>NHK-BS1 BS Debate(2008.4.27)
"Takashi Takai support party">>comment(2008.4.25)
"Internet-Rating Observation InstituteEI-ROI press release (2008.4.25)
"Convergence 2.0">>Tama University Camp(2008.4.18)
"Japan Digital Society & Signage">>LAIT, Talk(2008.4.18)
"Total digital age">>NHK Symposium, Panel(2008.4.13)
"Digital Millennium">>Japan Marketing Association, Keynote(2008.3.26)
"Master of Gion ">>BRIO, Interview(2008.3.24)
"Watch is Intelligence">>BRIO, Interview(2008.3.24)
"DIPP2008">>Keio University, DIPP, moderator(2008.3.24)
"Media Convergence of Tomorrow">>Nikkei Newspaper(2008.3.23)
NHK "Visual media of the future">>NHK-BS1 Broadcasting Day, talk(2008.3.21)
NHK "Visual media of the future">>NHK-BS1 Broadcasting Day, talk(2008.3.21)
"Media convergence policy 2.0">>Keio University, Contents Policy Forum, panel(2008.3.19)
"Pop culture & Next Media">>Mr.Hiroyuki Arai New River Policy Seminar(2008.3.17)
"Media Convergence of Tomorrow">>Nikkei Communication(2008.3.15)
"Broadcasting Copyright">> Broadcasting Contents Symposium, Osaka, Talk,(2008.3.14)
"Contents Market">> MIC Contents Market WG , Presentation(2008.3.13)
"Communication Legal Structure">>ICPF symposium , Talk(2008.3.13)
"Media Convergence Legal Structure">>SSK seminar,Moderator(2008.3.12)
"International Mobile Communication Forum vol.7">>Moderator(2008.3.11)
"Can you read Mobile Novel?">>Mobile imidas(2008.2.29)
"Media Convergence Legal Structure">>Keidanren Symposium, talk(2008.2.26)
"Contents Market">> MIC Digital Content WG , Presentation(2008.2.26)
"3D contens industry">>3Di-Lab, Kyoto, Talk(2008.2.25)
"Is Copyright only enemy?">>Weekly Economist(2008.2.25)
"Academy's Power is needed">>Nikke industrial newspaper "Net Next"(2008.2.22)
"ICT now">>BBA Opinion2.0, Interview(2008.2.21)
"Media Convergence">>FUJITSU UNIVERSITY , Talk(2007.2.20)
"Japan's strategy for contents circulation">>Weekly Diamond(2008.2.3)
"think C 2008 annual party"
"DIPP2007">>Keio University DMC(2008.1.29)
"Internet changes TV">>ASAHI newspaper,interview(2008.1.27)
"New Generation Contents Policy">>Symposium at Waseda University, moderator, talk(2008.1.26)
"Japan as a Pop?">>Butsugaku Research Institute, talk(2008.1.24)
"Next Media Convergence">>Shoeisha,book(2008.1.23)
"Internet Safty Forum">>Keio University, modelator(2008.1.21)
"Decoration">> NHK cool japan talk (2008.1.16,20)
"Business on Media Convergence">>Komazawa University, talk(2008.1.17)
"Ubiquitous Special Zone, Hakata">> talk (2008.1.10)
"VAMPIRE!" Live@UFO Club (2008.1.6)
"Degital, user is king"
>>MRI, Interview(2008.1.1)
2007 TOP▲
"Music Years 2007-2008" >> tvk, Moderator (2007.12.31)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.12.24,27)
"NHK New President" >> ASAHI Newspaper, Interview (2007.12.26)
"Re-Broadcast law">>Sankei-Shinbun, comment(2007.12.22)
"Contents Policy forum 2007">>Panel(2007.12.21)
" Content Market">>MIC Digital Content WG, Presentation
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.12.6,10,17)
"Foreign Students Special in Keio University">>NHK Cool Japan (2007.12.12,15, 16,17)
"Degital Next Generation">>Next Generation Forum vol.3, Panel (2007.12.13)
"DIPP session">>Keio University DMC Symposium vol.6(2007.12.11)
"New Network Business">>IFIT-BBA Symposium, Moderator(2007.12.10)
"Media Convergence">>Japan CIRIEC, Moderator(2007.12.8)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.11.26,12.3)
"Media Convergence 2.0">>OGIS-RI, talk(2007.11.30)
"Copyright Monster">>Ascii, Interview(2007.11.26)
"Media Convergence">>Keio University SFC ORF2007, Pannel(2007.11.22)
"IPTV & Media Convergence Policy">>NGNES2007, Talk(2007.11.21)
"Media convergence2.0">>QuantumLeaps Forum, Talk(2007.11.19)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.11.5,12)
"Digital Punk">>Toyo University, Talk(2007.11.8)
"Digital Contents and Ceative Economy">>JSICR, Pannel(2007.11.5)
"Degital Sainege">>FujiTV "SuperNews WEEKWND", Interview (2007.11.3)
" Content Market">>MIC Digital Content WG, Presentation(2007.10.29)
TV Asahi  "Super morning" Commentator
"New Media Legal">>Telecommunication2007.11, Interview(2007.10.25)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.10.22)
"AKIHABARA" >> NHK COOL JAPAN,Talk(2007.10.17,21)
" Content Market WG ">>MIC Digital Content WG , Presentation(2007.10.18)
" Content Market">>MIC Digital Content WG, Presentation (2007.10.16)
"Digital Intellectual Property Project">>Keio DMC Semi-Report,Presentation(2007.10.16)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.10.15)
NHK "BAKUSHO-MONDAI vs KEIO University ">> BAKUSHO-MONDAI NIPPON, Talk(2007.10.13)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.10.8)
「GAME、Egt;>NHK Cool Japan (2007.3,10.7)
"Media Legal Structure In 2015">>SoftBank, Talk(2005.10.5)
"Media Convergence2.0">>ICR, Talk(2007.10.2)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.10.1)
"IT Forum The Inovetion Seminar vol.2">>IFIT,Commentator(2007.9.27)
" Japan's Pop Culture ">>KEIO 150 "GAKUMON NO SUSUME 21"(2007.9.27)
"Media Convergence" Video >>Shoesha"Contents Future"(2007.9.26)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.9.20)
"Media Convergence2.0">>NTT-GLOCOM, Talk(2007.9.19)
"Let's input new words!">>Shinken Seminar High School Interview (2007.9)
"COOL JAPAN">>NHK Cool Japan (2007.9)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.9.6)
"Akihabara">>NHK Cool Japan
(2007.9.5, 9.9)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.8.30)
"Media Law System">>Media Convergence, Keidanren,SFC, Presentation
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.8.16,23)
"Content Market">>MIC Digital Content WG Presentation (2007.8.22)
"IT News Ranking in 2007">>Nikkei Net(2007.8.20)
"Recommended Services Now">>Nikkei Net(2007.8.20)
"Recommended Books Now">>Nikkei Net(2007.8.20)
"Recommended Short Films Now">>Nikkei Net(2007.8.20)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.8.9)
"Deregulation of network for content ">>mycom journal(2007.8.7)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.8.2)
"Policy's Future">>CONTENTS FUTURE(2007.8.1)
"Media Law system">>CIAJ, Talk
"Media Convergence2.0">>Amuse, Talk
"Legal System in the Digital Era">>KEIO University, Pnnel
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator
"Japan's Pop Power">>Suruga Institute Report No.99(2007.7.25)
"Media Legal System Issue">>TORESOLA ,Talk(2007.7.25)
"Creativity of Digital Kids">>Keio University OPEN vol.54(2007.7.24)
"VAMPIRE!" Live@UFO Club (2007.7.22)
"Media Convergence2.0">>WIRELESS JAPAN2007
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.7.19)
"Creators To Consumers">>CPRA symposium, moderator(2007.7.17)
"Keio University Graduate School of Media Design">>Osaka(2007.7.13)
"Keio University Graduate School of Media Design">>Hiyoshi(2007.7.10)
"Keio University Graduate School of Media Design">>Mita(2007.7.7)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator
"Japan as Pop">>Mita Travel,Talk(2007.7.11)
"Media Legal System WG Vol.1" >>Keio DIPP,Presentation(2007.7.10)
"Media Legal System Issue">>KDDI,Talk(2007.7.9)
"IT Forum The Inovetion Seminar vol.1">>IFIT,Commentator
Digital Intellectual Property Project >>Keio University , Talk
"Workshop Collection 2007">>CANVAS
"HITACHI-MIT Forum">>Keidanren , Pannel(2007.6.29)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.6.21)
"Points of the report">>Media Law System WG Presentation(2007.6.19)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.6.7, 14)
MediaFLO Conference2007>>Talk(2007.6.8)
"JAPAN AS POP?">>Tobu Touou , Talk(2007.6.2)
"DIPP">>Keio University, Talk(2007.5.31)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.5.31EE
"Information of the Future ">>CATV Symposium, Talk
"Media Convergence 2.0">>CATV Talk@IwakuniEE007.5.25EEBR>
TV Asahi  "Super morning" Commentator (2007.5.24EEBR>
"Digital Millennium">>Iwate Prefectual University, Talk(2007.5.22)
"Digital Millennium">>Tohoku information and communication RT, Talk(2007.5.21)
"Which way is media taking? ">>HORIPRO at Atami, Talk(2007.5.20)
"Media Convergence 2.0">>WASEDA University, Talk
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.5.17)
"KRI Symposium" Moderator
"JAM THE WORLD">>Talk at J-WAVE Broadcasting (2007.5.15)
"Content Market">>MIC Digital Content WG Presentation (2007.5.15)
"Men's Fashion">>NHK Cool Japan
(2007.5.9, 5.13)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator
"Media Convergence">>Interview, Tokyo News Paper(2007.5.4)
TV Asahi  "Super morning" Commentator (2007.5.3)
TOGETHER TALK  >> Suruga Institute Report No.98(2007.4.27)
TV Asahi  "Super morning" Commentator (2007.4.26)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.4.19)
"Content Market">>MIC Digital Content WG Presentation (2007.4.18)
"International Mobile Communication Forum in Beijin">>Kyotoshinbun(2007.4.15)
"Quick">>NHK Cool Japan
(2007.4.11, 4.14)
"Media Convergence 2.0">> VICTOR JVC , Talk
"Media Convergence 2.0">> Keio University , Talk (2007.4.13)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.4.12)
TV Asahi "Super morning" Commentator (2007.4.5)
"Digital Millennium">> Japan Marketing Association Keynote(2007.4.4)
"IT, Digital, its light and shadow">>Tele Cable Graph, 2007 Spring (2007.4.1)
"International Mobile Communication Forum in Beijin">>Moderator(2007.3.26)
"Japan Pop Culture">>LDP  Presentation (2007.3.22)
"Ministry of Information and Communication ?">>Creative Industry Policy Forum Panel
"Media Policy 2007">> Dentsy corp. Presentation (2007.3.19)
"Contetnt Power">>Sankei Newspaper Interview (2007.3.16)
"Rapid approach of telecom and broadcasting in Japan">>NIKKEI IT Pro(2007.3.15)
"Creators To Consumers">>CPRA symposium moderator
"Media Convergence Japan">>FLO forum Hawaii(2007.3.6)
"Media Policy 2007" >>CIAJ Talk
"Information Industry and Pop Power">> Talk at Kanazawa(2007.2.27)
"Broadband! Nippon">> Talk at Nippon Broadcasting(2007.2.26)
"Law system 2017">>Media Law System WG Presentation(2007.2.26)
Vampire! >> Live @Ikebukuro Chop(2007.2.24)
"Content delivery">>Telecommunications Council Presentation(2007.2.22)
"Media Convergence 2.0">>Nikkei New Media
"Ministry of Communications">>CNET Japan(2007.2.14)
"Media Convergence">>CATV Seminar@Nagano Talk(2007.2.14)
"Media Convergence 2.0">>Hakuhodo Salon Talk(2007.2.13)
"Japan's Pop Power">> Keio City Campus Talk (2007.2.6)
"5 big news in 2006">> Takeshi TV (2007.2)
"Media Convergence 2.0">> Nippon Keidanren Talk (2007.2.1)
"IT Talk">>The Government Housing Loan Monthly Report No.660
"The Era of Media Convergence">>B-maga(2007.1)
"Child raising">> NHK Cool Japan
(2007.1.19, 1.26)
"My home theater">>BRIO Interview 2007.3 (2007.1.24)
"Now, Content Industry">> Doshisha University Symposium Keynote(2007.1.20)
"Media in 2007">>Horipro News (2007.1)
"Telecom Network in 2010">>Nikkei Communication (2007.1.1)
2006 TOP▲
"Cool Japan">>NHK edu (2006.12.26)
"Column Takeshi Night">>Shonen Takeshi School Festival (2006.12.20)
"Winny Issue">>J-WAVE Good Morning Tokyo (2006.12.18)
"Contents Policy Forum 2006">> Moderater (2006.12.15)
"Media Convergence 2.0">> Cable Man of the year 2006 Talk((2006.12.14)
"Content Industry">>President TV Talk (2006.12.14)
"Winnny Developper Accused">>Nikkei Comment (2006.12.13)
"Thonk Copyright">>Symposium Moderater
"Media Convergence">>President TV Talk(2006.12.7)
"More manual-arts and music classes">> Nikkei Column (2006.12.4)
"Japanese Contetnt Power">> President TV Talk(2006.11.30)
"Content globalization">> President TV Talk(2006.11.22)
"Media Convergence 2.0">>JANES-Way Keynote (2006.11.15)
"CGM, its perspective">>JANES-Way Panel (2006.11.15)
"Japan As Pop?" >>Network Sociology Lecture at Keio (2006.11.13)
"Shopping">>NHK Cool Japan(2006.11.5)
"Ichiya's hot spots">>Doco Iku ? (2006.11.1)
"Contents Market">>Contents Market SG, Presentation(2006.11.1)
"Popculture Policy Forum">>Blog, Interview (2006.10.30)
"Digital Millennium">> Visible Telecom Consortium, Keynote (2006.10.26)
"Cars and Communication of Tomorrow">>Telecom Map 2010, Coordinator
"Media Convergence 2.0">> Tokai Telecom Forum Keynote (2006.10.24)
"Digital Punk 2006" >> Lecture@Toyo University(2006.10.12)
"Let's input new words!">>Shinken Seminar High School Interview (2006.10)
"Media Convergence in 2010">> Telecom market map 2010, Panel(2006.9.26)
"VAMPIRE! Live@UFO Club (2006.9,24)
"Person">>Interview, Mainichi Newspaper(2006.9.23)
"Refleshment">> NHK Cool Japan guest(2006.9.20, 9.23)
"Japan Pop Culture to the world">> MiT, SMBC consulting , interview (2006.10)
"Comment to the Report of Telecom WG">>Interview, Mainichi Newspaper(2006.9.8)
"Possibility of Pod Academy">> Pod Academy Seminar(2006.8.1)
"Media Convergence 2.0">> GLOCOM : Talk (2006.7.31

"Shonen Takeshi Live Streaming">>Fuji TV, talk (2006.7.29)
"Japanese Pop Power YOKOHAMA " >>Yokohama EIZONE, Panel(2006.7.23)
"Media Convergence 2.0 " >>Kyodo Broadcasting Association, Keynote (2006.7.21)
"Media Reform WG Report">>CIAJ Seminar (2006.7.11)
"Think of Digital Myself">>Keio University Lecture(2006.6.29)

"Children's Creativity">> University of the Air, TV lecture (2006.6.23)
"Gross National Cool">> University of the Air, TV lecture (2006.6.23)
"Media Reform WG, the result and the future">>Nikkei Digitalcore : Panel (2006.6.21)
"Media Convergence, is it true ?">>Cable television 2006 : Panel (2006.6.15)
"Contents Policy & Media Convergence">>Communication Seminar : Talk (2006.6.13)
"Heisei Kyoiku 2006" >>Fuji TV (2006.6.11)
"VAMPIRE!" Live @ Kyoto TAKUTAKU (2006.6.10)
"Media Convergence">> Interop Media Convergence, Panel (2006.6.7)
"Ubiquitous Society and Media Convergence">> JEITA Festival, Keynote (2006.6.6)
"Executive Stage">> IT Innovation Summit, Panel (2006.6.6)
"New Era of Media Convergence">> Japan PTC Forum 2006, Panel (2006.6.5)
"TV of Tomorrow" >> HORIPRO, Keynote (2006.6.1)
"Uniform">>NHK Cool Japan guest (2006.5.17, 5.18, 5.21)
"What prevents media convergence">>Media Convergence Summit 2006 (2006.5.19)
"Turning point of the media policy">>NIKKEI NEW MEDIA (2006.5.1)
" Foresight, Minister of Communications' Advisory Panel">>Media Convergence Research Group (2006.4.27)
"Japanese Media Convergence Policy" >>Open Forum at Keio Univ. (2006.4.25)
"Japan As Pop ?">> Stanford Center for Technology Innovation, Lecture (2006.4.24)
"New business model by new technology">>Symposium of America-Japan Societies, panel (2006.4.22)
"Japanese Sound">>NHK Cool Japan guest (2006.4.19, 4.20, 4.23)
"Media Convergence" >>CIAJ : Lecture (2006.4.11)
"Digital Millennium">>Japan Marketing Association : Lecture (2006.4.5)
NHK Special "Whose is TV?">> Panel (2006.3.21)
"Keitai (cellular-phone) International Forum: Top Conference">>Coordinator (2006.3.13)
"Heisei Kyoiku 2006" >>Fuji TV (2006.3.12)
"Workshop Collection 2006" >> CANVAS (2006.3.11-12)
"Japan-Korea Media Convergence Policy Symposium 2006">>Keio University : Comment (2006.3.10)
"Global Information Summit 2006">>Nikkei, Comissioner (2006.2.23)
"Convergence of T and B">> Information and Communications Policy Forum : Panel (2006.2.22)
"Future of Digital Contents">>Digital Contents Industry Cluster Symposium : Keynote (2006.2.10)
"Media Convergence">>Keio University:Panel (2006.1.26)
"Contents Policy Issues">> Osaka City University : Keynote (2006.1.23)
2005 TOP▲
"Creative Industry and Content Policy">>Keio University : Panel (2005.12.6)
"Contents Policy Forum VOL.1">> Contents Policy ForumEPanel (2005.11.28)
"Media Contents Policy and Social Attitudes">>Keio University : Panel (2005.11.22)
"Nikkei symposium 2005">>Moderator (2005.11.9)
"Integration of TV & Internet">>NAB Japan : Panel (2005.11.2)
"Oto Koto Hiro Ba LIVE2005" >>Jury (2005.10.30)
"Digital Millennium">>CEATEC JAPAN : keynote (2005.10.5)
"Japan 21st Century Vision">>KISER : Panel (2005.9.15)
"Digital Community">>TAC : Keynote (2005.9.14)
"Science technology and the future of human being">>STS Forum : Moderator (2005.9.10)
"Daily Workshop Life">>EXPO 2005 AICHI : Talk (2005.8.21)
"Japanese Contents Power">>GLOCOM Forum : Panel (2005.8.20)
*"Musicman's RELAY">> MUSICMAN-NET: Interview (2005.7.29)
*"Economy Society in the mobile era">>Nikkei Marketing Journal (2005.7.27)
*"Character Business in Japan">>Nihon Keizai Shimbun : Comment (2005.6.12)
*"Economy and Society in the Mobile age">>Nikkei MJ Forum : Keynote (2005.6.23)
*"Communications Culture in the digital era: The day of radio 2005">>Okinawa:Lecture (2005.6.1)
*"Creativiy + Communication">>Center for Performers' Right Administration (CPRA) : Lecture (2004.5.13)
*"Ubiquitous Society">>NEC e-Trend Conference 2005:Lecture (2005.5.12)
*"Japan As Pop culture">>Stanford Center for Technology and Innovation : Lecture (2004.5.9)
*"Would a US-style 'Megan's Law' work in Japan">>The Christian Science Monitor:Comment (2005.4.13)
*"Possibility of Ubiquitous Network Sciety">>Japan Marketing Association:Lecture (2005.3.30)
*"Ladies' cultivating strict eyes">>Kyoto Shimbun:Interview (2005.3.20)
*"Digital Millennium">>CIAJ:Lecture (2005.3.2)
*"Contents in the digital era">>Communication Inquiries no.7: Interview (2005.3.1)
*"Communication Culture in the IT era">>Telecom Forum 2005.3:Interview (2005.3.1)
*"Keitai (cellular-phone) International Forum: Top Conference">>Coordinator (2005.2.25)
*"APRICOT2005">>Coordinator (2005.2.20)
*"Global Information Summit 2005">>Coordinator (2005.2.15)
*"Next Generation Broadband Technology" Lecture: Global Communication Center (2005.1.27)
*"Workshop Collection 2005" National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (2005.1.22-23)
2004 TOP▲
*"Net Kids Pop">>Koushikai:Lecture ( 2004.12.17)
*"Pop Culture and Soft Power">>Genron NPO:Lecture (2004.12.17)
*"Symposium: Research Institute for Digital Media and Content">> Keio University (2004.12.6)
*"Net Kids Pop">> Manabinoba.com (2004.11.24)
*"I-topia Okayama Digital pictures Contest">>Okayama Prefectual Museum, Judge and Panel (2004.11.23)
*"Net Kids Pop">>MYCOM PC WEB (2004.11.22)
*"Digital Millennium and Local">>2004 Japan Multimedia Festival in Wakayama, Panel (2004.11.21)
*"Net Kids Pop">>NIKKEI KET (2004.11.20)
*"Net Kids Pop">>ITmedia News (2004.11.17)
*"Net Kids Pop">>Symposium, Tokyo (2004.11.17)
*"Keitai (cellular-phone) International Forum">>Tianjin, China, Seminar (2004.11.2)
*"Digital Kids R&D Project">>Tokyo
*"Music Meets Mobile">>Moderator (2004.10.7)
*"Analog Millennium, Digital Millennium">>in the city TOKYO 2004, Seminar (2004.10.5)
*"Round Table">>Tokyo (2004.9.17)
*"PC education activities">>Nihon Keizai Shimbun (2004.8.30)
*"Discussion for promotion of Contents Industry at the meeting of Intellectual Property">>Weekly ASCII (2004.8.3)
*"Digital Punk">>Nagoya University Special Lecture (2004.7.15)
*"Copyright and IP Policy">>Intellectual Property Association of Japan Symposium (2004.7.10)
*"Chances for New Business">>Special Lecture for Entertainment Contents Produce#11, Lecture (2004.6.24)
*"Japanese contents and soft power">>Japan Association of Corporate Executives:Lecture (2004.6.22)
*"Do you know about the children in Network Era?"">>Chiyoda-ku (ward) Kodomo 110 renraku-kai  Panel (2004.6.19)
*"Consider Children for Net, Symposium in Chiyoda on June 19">>Chunichi Shimbun (2004.6.16)
*"Symposium held as Net and Children">> Asahi Shimbun (2004.6.16)
*"Potential of Ubiquitous Network Society">>Telecommunication Forum in Sapporo (2004.6.16)
*"Post Office To The Future">>Kojimachi Elementary school (2004.6.12)
*"Round Meeting for Promotion of Content's Industry">>Business Innovation Center Osaka Panel (2004.6.9)
*"5 movies won the prize, MIAKO-NET Higashiyama Symposium ">>KyotoShimbun (2004.6.6)
*"Kyoto Digital Kids">>Kyoto (2004.6.5)
*"Potential of Media for Citizens in Ubiquitous Society">>Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto Panel (2004.6.5)
*"Gross National Cool">>Stanford Center for Technology and Innovation : Lecture (2004.5.31)
*"LDP Digital Archive WG">>Presentation (2004.5.19)
*"THE EXPLODING JAPANESE CONTEMPORARY ARTS">> Yumi Yamaguchi, BNN-Shinsha : Interview (2004.5.15)
*"Towards new development for Coordination among Industry, Academics, and Administration">>21st Century Program of Kyushu University : Moderator (2004.5.14)
*"The Future of Media">>TWN 2004 (2004.5.11)
*"Ubiquitous & Wearable>>Natureinterface (2004.4)
*"Does comic relief hurt kids?">> The Japan Times (2004.4.27)
*"Call for Investment from abroad for Knowleage Intensive">>Weekly Kyoto Economics (2004.4.12)
*"Otaku proud of it">> The Japan Times (2004.4.6)
*"US-Japan Initiative for Investment">> Symposium pdf (2004.4)
*"Broadband Symposium 2004">> Asahi Newspaper (2004.3)
*"Net, Kids, Pop">> BroadMart Osaka 2004 Keynote (2004.3)
*"Digital Millennium and Community">>Ishikawa : Keynote (2004.3)
*"Net, Kids, Pop">> Suntory Research Institute on Continuity and Change in Life (2004.3)
*"Mobile International Forum">>Coordinator (2004.3)
*"The 1st Media Art Curator Forum">> Japan Media Arts Festival (2004.3.2)
*"Pop Culture led by children">>Kyoto Economic Newspaper (2004.1)
*"Workshop Collection 2004", The Tokyo Restaurant (2004.1.25)
*"To regulate or not to regulate">>Embassy of Sweeden (2004.1.21)
*"RIETI ANEPR", United Nations University (2004.1.16)
*"Children's Creativity & Communication", UNESCO, Hong Kong (2004.1)
2003 TOP▲
*"Didital Contents Committee", Science Council of Japan, presentation (2003.12)
*"Digi-con project last meeting">>Ministry of Telecommunications (2003.12)
*"The 6th Meeting for Distribution of Digital Content Study">>Nikkei (2003.12.3)
*"System design II for the Broad Band">>RIETI:TalK (2003.12.4)
*"Changing Kyoto, Potencial of ubiquitous societ">>SCCJ : Talk (2003.12.5)
*"Letter Contest for Family Rapport in Kyoto" (2003.11.25)
*"I-topia Okayama Digital pictures Contest", (2003.11.15)
*"The 5th Meeting for Distribution of Digital Content Study " Nikkei Economy Center... (2003.11.11)
*"Children's Expression, IT, Region", Nationwide Multimedia Festival 2003 in Miyazaki (2003.11.7)
*"Possibility of DTV " JSICR Talk... (2003.9.26)
*"The 4th Meeting for Distribution of Digital Content Study " Nikkei Economy Center... (2003.9.9)
*"Japan As Pop culture" lecture KCJS ... (2003.9)
*"What's Right with Japan" TIME ... (2003.8.11)
*"The 3rd Meeting for Distribution of Digital Content Study" Nikkei Economy Center... (2003.7.31)
*"CANVAS"interview@Intenet Museum (2003.6)
*"NIKKEI NET:interview The Era of Unnecessary Industry:a talk with President of @NetHome Co. (2003.6)
*"Japan As Pop culture" lecture SCTI (2003.5)
*"Digital Pank" talk@Waseda Univ. (2003.5.22)
*"Dogi-Con" WG (2003.5.16)
*"Information-Technologize of Kyoto Prefecture" Interview@The Telecommunications Association (2003.5)
*"An Idea for Digital Policy" Talk at MPT (2003.4)
*"Asia and mobile society" International Keitai Forum Coordinator (2003.2)
*"Perspective of Telecommunication Industry" Nippon Keidanren with Prof.Noam (2003.1)
*"Children, Creativity, Expression" World Summit on the Information Society - Asia (2003.1)
2002 TOP▲
*"Broadband promotion challange>>IPTP / Keio UnivETalk in Japanese 2002.12
*"Economic Development through Industrial Agglomeration" commentator at Workshop at The Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) 2002.12
*"Creativity of Digital Generation>>GLOCOMETalk in Japanese 2002.12
*"Digital Millennium: Nikkei BB Channel"Part3 2002.11
*"Digital Millennium: Nikkei BB Channel"Part2 2002.11
*"Digital Millennium: Nikkei BB Channel "Part1 2002.10
*"Japan As Pop Culture: Stanford Univ " 2002.10
*"Digital Punk 2002 Talk @Waseda University " 2002.6
*"Japan As Pop culture Talk @MIT /Japan Haru Fest " 2002.5.25
*"Digital Punk 21 Talk " 2002.4
*"Morning Freeway" Radio show/FM Tokyo 2002.4
*"Nouvelles technologies et democratie locale " talk@Senate of France 2002.2
*"Art + Technology +brain " Talk/Tokyo University 2002.2
*"REAL VOICE TRACK" fmp 2002.2
*"Special Interview" Tech B-ing 2002.2
*"What comes next" : Interview (PDF)/ Oggi 2002.1
2001 TOP▲
*Relationship between IT Industry and academia: Talk /Tokyo University 2001.11.21
*"CAMP US!" Talk /CAMP Opening2001.11.10
*"Digital Punk21-4" Lecture/Waseda Univ2001.11.1
*"IT Revolition after IT t; Keynote/ Toyoma Multimedia Festival 2001.10.26
*"Terrorism, America, IT, Japan" Talk /Dentsu2001.10.24
*"Reform of Telecommunications Regulation" Talk /RIETI2001.10.19
*"Who creates, who governs" Talk/In the City2001.9.28
*"Digital Punk21"Keynote/Tomon Construction 50th anniversary2001.9.26
*"Avtive Link between University and Society"Talk/Tokyo University2001.9.15
*"EC Trend Watch" Interview/Next EC NTT.com 2001.8
*"Digital Punk TBS": Special Talk / TBS 2001.7.10
*"Digital Punk21 in Osaka": Lecture / Osaka University 2001.7.7
*"IT revolution just starts-3": Special Talk / Okayama City 2001.6.27
*"Local Information Infrastructure": Talk / Cable TV Show 2001.6.22
*"IT revolution just starts": Special Talk / Hakui City 2001.6.21
*"Digital Punk21-3": Lecture / Waseda University2001.6.14
*"MIT MediaLab 21st Century": Keynote / Business Model Assotiation 2001.5.28
*"IT revolution just starts": Spetial Talk / Kinuta Tokyo 2001.4.14
*"Digital Divide Between US & JPN": Lecture / NewYork University 2001.3.1
*"IT Business US & JPN": Keynote / Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper 2001.2.20
*"Media & Kids": Talk / eLife Forum 2001.2.14
*"Digital Generation": Talk / Digital Renaissance Keihanna 2001.2.13
*"AQUOS MUSEUM" Curator's Greetings and Talks / Sharp 2001.1
*"Digital Punk21 in TokyoUniv": Lecture / Tokyo University 2001.1.15
2000 TOP▲
*"21st century business and politics":Talk / Nikkei2001VisionForum 2000.12.14
*"Digital Punk21-2": Lecture / Waseda University 2000.12.1
*"Real Voice Track" : Interview in Japanese / FMP express 2000.10
*"Entertainment in the city" : Talk in Japanese / In the City 2000 Japan 2000.9.28
*"The Future of Digital Economy" : Talk / Digital Frontier Kyoto 2000.9.26
*"eBusinessJapan, 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle" / for the University of Texas at Austin 2000.6
*"Digital Punk 21": Lecture / Waseda University 2000.6
*"Digital Punk 21Century 21 ironies": Talk / Koshikai 2000.6
*"LCD TV Museum Curator's Greetings"/ Sharp 2000.4
*"Big Interview" in Japanese / ORICON 2000.3
*"Digital Millennium": Talk / Sony 2000.3
*"Milia d'Or 2000 Awards": Grand Jury / Milia 2000.2
*"US Internet 1999-2000": Talk / IPTP 2000.2
1999 TOP▲
*"Digital Millennium": Talk / Iwate Pref University 99.11
*"Digital Millennium":Keynote / Media Tech 99.11
*"Digital TV is starting....": Video
---Real Format Video
Electronics Show 99 99.10
*"Digital * Content": Talk / Entertainment Business and Law Association 99.9
*"Digital Now ": RadioShow / TBS Radio "Digi Mushi" 99.9
*"Future of Digital Broadcasting ": Talk / AKIBAX TALK BATTLE 99.7
*"Network Jungle": Talk / NHK 99.5
*"Content, Its Political Implication": Talk / International Media Policy Committee at Ministry of Posts and Telecommunicasions Japan 99.4
*"Internet in USA, Its Political Implication": Talk / Internet Strategy Committee at Institute for Posts and Telecommunicasions Policy Japan 99.4
*"Global Information Summit 99" / Infrastructure Session Chairman 99.3
*"Media in USA": Talk / International Media SG at Ministry of Posts and Telecommunicasions Policy Japan 99.3
E1998 TOP▲
**"Japanese Information Highway": Talk / Shobi World Forum 98.11
**"Digital Network Live": Talk / Asahi 97.5