Ichiya Nakamura Ph.D.


He also serves as Project Professor at Kyoto University, Advisor to
RIKEN, Advisor to Japan eSports Union, Director at YOSHIMOTO, etc.
Also known as chairman of Japanese government’s committees including
Intellectual Property Committee, Pop Culture WG, etc.
Also known as president of various consortiums such as CiP Association,
Digital Signage Consortium, Super-human Sports Society, etc.
He was Professor at Keio University (2006-2020),
Executive Director at Stanford Japan Center (2002-2006),
Visiting Professor at MIT Media Laboratory (1998-2002),
and a policy maker at Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Japan(1984-1998).
Prior to joining the government, he was a director of a rock band Shonen Knife.
He wrote many books and articles such as“New Edition , Super Free Society"(2021, Yoshimoto-Books)
"Super Free Society"(2019, Yoshimoto-Books)
"Contents and National Strategy"(2013, Kadokawa-Books)
"Ichiya Nakamura's New Generation IT Business Evolution"(2011,Discovery 21), etc.

Twitter @ichiyanakamura
FaceBook ichiya.nakamura

*MIC Use of Post Office Data and Way to Protect Privacy WG Member 2021.11.8-
*Kyoto University GSAIS Project Professor 2021.8.1−
*Shibuya Creative Town Vice Chairman 2021.7.17-
*Digital Agency, Digital Day Committee Proxy-Chairman 2021.6-
*Data Trading Alliance Advisor 2021.6-
*JCG Co.,Ltd Senior Executive Advisor 2021.5-
*Kyotango-city CDO 2021.4.20-
*Agency for Cultural Affairs, Cultural Council Museum Section Member 2021.4.1−
*MIC Future of Postal Services in Digital Age Vice-chairman 2020.11-
*Japan esports Union (JeSU) Special Advisor 2020.9-
*Slander and Defamation Victims Support Ordinance on Internet(tentative name) committee,Gunma Member 2020.8-
*Cabinet Office Government of Japan,Design committee,Contents Sub-Committee Chairman 2020.8-
*Cabinet Office Government of Japan,Design committee,In the Digital Age Copyright System and Related Policies Task Force Chairman 2020.8-
*Agency for Cultural Affairs, Cultural Council copyright subcommitteelegal and basic policy subcommittee member 2020.7-
*Net Safty Consortium Adviser 2020.6-
*Cabinet Office Government of Japan,IP Strategy Headquarters,Value Design Society Committee member 2020.6-
*iU President
*Consumer Affairs Agency Digitalization of consumer meeting member 2019.12-2020.8
*JeSu Activating e-Sports Committee Chairman 2019.10-2020.3
*Cabinet 0ffice Government of Japan,Design committee member 2019.7-
*MIC, New CAS Committee  Chairman 2018.12-
*MIC, Broadcasting Foundations Committee  Vice-chairman 2018.11-
*Kyoto Council for making future by culture    member  2018.9-
*Cabinet Office Government of Japan,IP Strategy Headquarters,Pirate Site Task Force Co-Chairman
*Leaning of Tomorrow Executive Director   2018.5−
*Cabinet Secretariat,IP Strategy Headquarters, Vision committee  member    2017.11-
*RIKEN AIP Coordinator    2017.8−
*Cabinet Secretariat, IP Strategy Headquarters,Human Resource Development Committee, member  2017.3-2018.3
*Cabinet Secretariat,IP Strategy Headquarters,Location shooting environmental improvementpublic and private committee Chairman    2017.8-2017.12
*Cabinet Secretariat, IP Strategy Headquarters,Film Promotion Committee, chairman   2016.12-2017.12
*Cabinet Secretariat, New information goods review committee chairman 2016.10-
*Cabinet Secretariat IT Strategy Headquarters, Sharing Economy Committee menmer 2016.7−
*Shibuya Creative Town Vice Chairman        2016.9-2021.7 
*Next Generation Contents Distribution Forum  President    2016.5.19−
*Cabinet Secretariat,Tokyo Olympic and Tokyo Paralympic Policy Counselor    2016.5.1−2016.8.2
*Japan Sports Agency, Health Promotion Committee by Sports of Public and Private Partnership   member 2016.4-
*Agency for Cultural Affairs,Cultural Council copyright subcommittee legal and basic problem Subcommittee
member    2016.3.19−2020.6
*YOSHIMOTO KOGYO Holdings Co.,Ltd.   Out of Director  2016.1.11−
*Cabinet Secretariat,Next Generation Intellectual Property System Committee  Chairman    2015.11-
*Kyoto International Film Festival Director      2015.10-
*DiTT    Executive director      2015.10-2019.3
*MIC PMO Project Manager        2015.7−
*Superhuman Sports Society     Joint representation    2015.6-
*MIC Near future Session WG     member    2015.6-
*MIC Urban Service Advanced Working Group  2015.5-
*MIC ICT Internet Safety TF    Chairman 2015.4-
*CiP Association  President    2015.4-
*JeSPA    director    2015.4-2017.11
*Digital Signage Consortium    President    2015.4--
*Cabinet Cool Japan Strategy Committee     member    2015.2−
*Cabinet Secretariat, Cool Japan Strategy Promotion Committee    Member    2015.1-
*MIC Digital Signage WG  2014.12-
*MIC Broadcasting Contents from Local Strengthening the originating force    Member 2014.10−
*Association for The Encounter between Management and Students    Directer 2014.10−
*VLED    director
*Superhuman Sports Committee     Founder     2014.10−
*Adult program ethics committee    Council    member    2014.6-
*Cabinet Secretariat,Validation, evaluation and planning committee    Chairman
*Cabinet Secretariat,Intellectual Property        Chairman    2013.11-
•Cabinet office Government of Japan,IP Strategy Headquarters,Validation, evaluation and planning committee  Chairman 2013.11-2019.6
*Cabinet Secretariat,New Strategy Expert Committee, Regulation institutional reform subcommittees     member    2013.10-
*Cabinet Secretariat,Popculture WG     chairman    2013.4-
*Japan Social Game Association    executive director    2012.11-2015.3
*Open Data distribution consortium    Director    2012.7-
*Social Game use place adjust committee    member    2012.7- 2012.2 
*MIC「Contents Overseas Development Committee」 Chairman        2012.3- 
*Cabinet Office National Strategy Committee Frontier Section Committee,Wisdom Frontier Committee    member    2012.2-2012.11
*New Media Risk Association    President    2012.2-
*Emakimon!  Executive Producer     2011.12-
*Multi Screen Broadcast Committee    counselor    2011.12- -2021.5
*Smart TV research committee President     2011.9-
*The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association    Visiting researcher   2011.6-2020.3
*The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association   Net/Digital Biz Research Project    Chairman    2011.6-
*East Japan great disaster rebirth support foundation    councilor 2011.6-
*Takeo MY Library   Honor Director    2011.4.13-
*Ohkawa Dream foundation  councilor        2011.3-
*MIC Digital Contents creation and fortune power Committee Chairman 2011.2-
*MIC ICT White Paper Editing Committee Chairman 2011.2-
*METI "Movie Business Environment for New life Style Committee" Chairman 2011.1-
*Digital Ehon    director QQQ   2011.1-2015.3
*MIC  Whitespace propulsion committe member 2010.9-
*Digital Textbook and Teaching Consortium Vice chairman 2010.7.27-
*EMA Director 2010.6- 2018.5
*MIC International standardization Storategy Committee member 2010.6-
*MEXT Communication Education Committee menber 2010.5-
*Mext School ICT Committee member 2010.4-
* MIC Digital Book Committee-Technology WG member 2010.4-- 2010.9
* Agency for Cultural Affairs Digital Book Committee-WG member 2010.4- -  2010.9
*Cabinet Secretariat,Contents Strengthen Committee Chairman 2010.2- 2013.6
*Cabinet Secretariat,Competitiveness and International Standardization for Intellectual Property Committee member 2010.2- 2012.11
*MIC " Contents Development Team" Vice Chairman 2009.12-  2010.3
*Town Engineering Forum Chairman 2009.12 -  2010.12
*MIC"ICT Forum" member 2009.12- 2010.12
*New vision of radio team   member   2009.11- 2010.9
*KDDI Foundation Director   2009.10 - 2018.5
*Agency for Cultural Affairs Copy Righgt Committee,International sub-Committee,The basic problem sub-committee    2009.7-2011.7
*IPDC Forum        President   2009.6-
*mixi    outside director    2009.6 - 2016.10
*Digital Contents Distribution Study Group : Vice Chairman   2009.2 - 2010.3 
*Ubiquitas Net Consortium : Obsever    2009.2 -
*Net Safty Consortium : promoter   2009.2-
* ICT Vision Committee Contents SWG : Chairman     2009.12 - 2009.3
* Ubiquitas Special Area Consortium : Chairman     2008.12ー 2009.3 
* Geospatial Information Committee : member    2008.11 -
* ICT Vision Committee Basic strategy WG Member   2008.11 - 2009.3
*Contents Society  Vice president   2008.10-
*Net Safty Consortium : Coordinator   2008.10- 2020.6
*JP Holdings co.,ltd.  Outside director   2008.7 - 2018.6
*Spaceshowernerwork co.,ltd  Outside director   2008.7 -
*Internet-Rating Observation Institute Director   2008.7 - 2016.3
*Content Evaluation and Monitoring Association Member   2008.6 - 2009.6
*You Go Lab  Executive Director    2008.5 - 2015.7
*Keio University Graduate School Of Media Design Professor   2008.4 ー
*Cabinet Secretariat,Digital&Internet Intellectual Property System Committee: member   2008.4 - 2009.3 
* wiMAX  Monitoring WG  Member   2008.4-
*Media Law System WG  Member   2008.2-- 2009.6 
*Mobilecontents operational monitoring WG  Vice Chairman  2007.12 - 2008.6
* Digital sinage consortium president   2007.6 -
*Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Counselor   2007.1- 2009.11
*Communications Task Force Member   2006.12- 2009
*ICT International Edge Forum Wireless WG Vice Chairman   2006.11-
*Contents Market Study Group Member   2006.11-2007.6
*Digital Contents Distribution Study Group Member   2006.10-
*Keio University DMC: Professor   2006.9- 2008.3
*Telecommunications Council Member   2006.9-2012.12
*Media Law System WG  Member   2006.8-2007.12
*WG for Copyright System in NGN Society  Member   2006.6- 2007.3
*WG for Business Environment in Media Convergence Chairman   2006.6- 2007.3
*Contents Policy Forum Organizer   2005.11- 2009
*Agency for Cultural Affairs Copy Righgt Committee,International sub-Committee    2005.8-2014.7
*Japan Stanford Association Director   2005.7-
*Content Advice Mark Forum Operation Chief   2005-2007
*Local ICT Policy Study Group Organizer   2005.5- 2006.8
*Media Convergence Research Organizer   2005.3- 2008
*Satellite Broadcast Forum Member   2004.5-2005.3
*Safety Content Mark Committee Member   2004.12-2005.3
*Contents Policy Task Force   2004.12-2005.3
*Agency for Cultural Affairs Copy Righgt Committee,Legal systems problem sub-committee    2004.7-2005.7
*Agency for Cultural Affairs Copy Righgt Committee 2004.7-- 2014.7
*Nagoya University: Visiting Lecturer 2004.4
*Society for Art and Science : Trustee 2004.6-
*IFIT: Executive Director 2004.4- 2008.6
*Popculture Archive Project : member 2004.4
*Children's Creativity and Communication : member 2004.4
*Kyoto Digital Kids : member 2004.2
*Science Council of Japan, Didital Contents Committee: member 2003.10
*Center for Entreprenurship Development : fellow 2003.7
*D-Project(SJC):Coordinator 2003.5
*Project-P (RIETI/SJC):Coordinator 2003.4
*Digi-Con Project(SJC):Coordinator 2003.4
*Stanford University; visiting scholar 2002.3-
*IT policy session at MPHPT ; commitee member 2002.11-2003.3
*Pop Culture Policy Project :manager/ 2002.10-
*Intellectual Property Association of Jaoan :promotor/ 2002.10
*Stanford Japan Center-Research; Executive Director/ 2002.9-2006.8
*Nikkei Digital Core; Advisor/ 2002.09-
*CANVAS; Vice president/ 2002.08-
*Research Institute of Economy, Trade & Industry Senior Fellow/ 2001.10- (2003.4- consulting fellow)
*Institute for Posts and Telecommunications Policy Visiting Researcher/ 2001.9-2003.3
*Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology NISTEP Researcher/ 2001.7-
*Waseda Unicersity GITI Visiting Lecturer/ 2001.6-2004.3
*Chuo Unicersity RUPS Researcher/ 2001.4-
*Hakui City Advisor/ 2001.4-
*AQUOS MUSEUM Curator/ 2001.1-
*Business Model Association Director/ 2000.10-
*CAMP Exective Advisor / 2000.9-
*Society for Art and Science Promoter / 2000.9
*Eccma Japan Study Group Vice Chairman / 2000.8
*LCD TV Museum Curator / 2000.4-
*"Milia d'Or 2000 Awards": Grand Jury / Milia 2000.2
*Shonen Knife Counselor 2000.1-
*International University GLOCOM Fellow 99.4-
*"MIT Okawa Center Project" 98.10-
*MIT Media Lab Visiting Professor 1998.9-2004.8 (Visiting Scientist 2002-2004.8)
*Sega of America Research Consultant 98.7
*CSK Advisor 98.7- 2012.3
*The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Japan 84.4-98.7
----Telecommunications Bureau
----Broadcasting Bureau
----Postmaster, Noboribetsu Post Office
----Communications Policy Bureau
----Director, Paris Office
----General Affairs Department
*Shonen Knife 81.12-

Project at MIT
CAMP Open 2000.11
Toy Symphony
MIT MediaLab 21st century (in Japanese)
http://www.media.mit.edu/ ̄mori/joypolis/futurexpress.html
MIT Center for eBusiness
MIT Okawa Center